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Transforming architecture Hess Hoen

Transforming architecture is the “statement” of Hess Hoen. I think transforming interiors directly transforms the architecture that makes up the interiors space. Brian Hess and Paul Anders Hoen have an amazing diversity of styles in their portfolio. There were couple that really caught my attention. I love the long teak credenza topped with a little Andy Warhol. Not my usual ten photos but you can hop over to their site and take a look. Read More

Ambitious Gardening Project: Man Spent Ten Years Transforming Massive Hedge Into A Dragon

Investing a few hours each day to turn his ordinary hedge into a massive sculpture of a dragon. The giant beast is located on Frizzleton Farm, and John Brooker spends hours pruning to keep it looking like a mythical creature.   We were pleasantly surprised by this man’s ability and ambition to shape a 100 feet long, 20 feet high dragon out of his living fence. The massive green dragon hedge faces the street while its ambitiously manicured body serpents along the property.  Spending a decade of his life shaping each detail, 75 year-old gardener John Brooker transformed his hedge in Norfolk into an ambitious work of art photographed by Damien McFadden. It took 10 years because the perfectionist gardener was adding details after details as the hedge started to take a dragon’s shape. We can all agree that his ambition and perseverance finally pays off. Read More

Transforming Mundane Objects into Works of Art: Japanese Manhole Covers

Art in Japan Transforming Mundane Objects into Works of Art: Japanese Manhole CoversWe all know that Japanese are creative about almost everything they do, but we have do admit it, we really didn’t see this one coming! To transform mundane objects into works of art – that’s one, but to create an entire trend around it, well, that’s a totally different story. For those of you who pay a special interest in this country, you ought to know that in Japan there’s a peculiar obsession with manhole covers. With more than 6.000 artistic manhole covers, Japan is once more one of the most surprising places you’ll ever visit. Passionate about photography, S. Morita started a journey around Japan, looking (down) for artsy manhole covers that pedestrians walk across everyday. Read More