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Representation of Style: twenty Dashing Decorative mirrors to Complete Ideal Bathroom

Think about planning the perfect bathing room that is motivated by a visit to your favorite health spa (or actually something much less extravagant) and then you’re often investing an enormous period of time shopping for the suitable bathtub, floor tile and pride. But in all of this rush, an additional essential bit of bathroom favorite seems to be ignored more often than not. The particular gorgeous plus dashing reflection above the particular vanity can be something that all of us tend to effortlessly forget about. However it is this particular that makes an enormous difference towards the ambiance from the bathroom plus turns however, smallest natural powder room right into a dashing pleasure. Read More

Contemporary Representation of a Traditional Wooden Barn

Designed by Cazú Zegers G., this barn house, is a contemporary representation of a traditional barn model. The use of wood covering for walls and roof , creates an interior twice as high festoned with somewhathigh altillo windows and balconies leading to the surrounding landscape. It does not impose, but incorporates itself, to the traditional type of construction, typical of southern Chile. Read More