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How exactly to maintain a wholesome relationship together with your tenants

Now that you have tenants to manage and a property to keep, perhaps the most significant thing to consider is how far better foster a confident tenant-landlord relationship. Curbed spoke with small property owners, the president of the National Apartment Association, and the founder of a landlord review site about what it requires to be a standout landlord. But before engaging in the nitty-gritty details, understand that being communicative and respectful goes quite a distance. Read More

The Relationship Between Interior Design, Color and Mood

We at Decoist love a good dose of color. Do you ever notice how a powerful color can change your mood? There are clear relationships between colors and emotions, and today’s post is dedicated to this phenomenon (also known as color psychology). Whether you’re a fan of bold reds, soothing blues, sunny yellows or regal purples, understanding the relationship between color and mood can help you strategically select hues for your interior, especially if you’re trying to beat the winter blues. Read More