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An environment on Patio: Modern Reinterpretation of a Traditional Queenslander

Squeezing in 5 fabulous townhouses on a great deal that is hardly 760 sq . meters within area, Home on Patio in Brisbane revamps a current Queenslander while finding room for four additional brand new townhouses. Created by refresh*design, a number of three townhouses with constant gabled roofing along with 2 other person homes make sure that the property in general maximizes offered space without having feeling overloaded or even badly ventilated. A feeling of modernity begins with the external of the house along with white plus gray together with dark window setting the look tone. Read More

Reinterpretation of a Traditional Barn: Malbaie VIII Residence in France

Evening view house in the mountains Reinterpretation of a Traditional Barn: Malbaie VIII Residence in FranceNested in the breathtaking region of Charlevoix, France, Malbaie VIII Residence is a reinterpretation of a traditional barn with a neat, uncluttered interior. The indulgent feeling of calmness reigns, spreading its charm over the neighbouring forests. The maze of greenery encompassing the house, the St. Lawrence River, the fresh sound of morning, the soothing rays of sunlight – all these elements contribute to create the perfect atmosphere for a permanent mountain retreat. The modern villa is partially wrapped in a dark grey metal cladding (sides and roof) while rest of it is coated in white cedar planks. Read More