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Preservation Watch: Get Retro With Docomomo’s Modernism in America Winners

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, by Patrick Sisson

As much as the Modernist style suggests the current and cutting-edge, even the most well-designed rectangular house or curved concrete roof needs a little attention from architectural experts. The just-released Modernism in America award winners, a list of 11 surveys and restoration projects chosen by Docomomo US, showcases some of the outstanding efforts being undertaken to retain our contemporary architectural heritage. The big winner appears to be Eero Saarinen, whose TWA Flight Center, Cummins Irwin Conference Center & Office Buildings, and Ingalls Hockey Rink projects all received award-winning restorations. Right now, sadly, the loser seems to be supporters of the campaign to save the Lewis and Clark Branch Library, a Frederick Dunn-designed civic center boasting Emil Frei stained glass windows by artist Robert Harmon. Hopefully this recognition brings last-minute attention to a long-running preservation battle that so far has failed to stop a scheduled demolition. Read More