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“Ken Gallery Cafeteria”, a Homage that Mineko San, Makes to her Spouse, the Rookie Photographer Kenkichi Tanaka

This task is a homage to the recreational photographer Kenkichi Tanaka, who seem to worked for that Tokushima prefecture in The japanese and had been loved simply by all. He or she left their wife this particular testament to end up being led simply by her who else, with the help of the particular architectural company Arbol Style, turned this into what today. “Ken Gallery Cafeteria”, where Mineko San provides her visitors local as well as where the pictures taken by Kenkichi Tanaka are usually displayed. Read More

Brooke Holm Photographer

Brooke Holm is a photographer that has captured some amazing spaces. If we the viewer can’t see these spaces in person, it is up to the photographer to communicate the message or vision of the space. I think Brooke does a fantastic job at translating the experience. Make sure to visit her portfolio, these are just a few images from her portfolio. Read More

Cosy Residence by Photographer Johannes Romppanen

I recently came across the work of Photographer Johannes Romppanen and was instantly taken by the natural, almost candid approach takes with his art. I love the different series/visual interviews. With just a few images you get a sense of what Johannes is seeing and feeling. I like this particular story, well because it has some great pieces of furniture design but it also looks as though it is in a natural setting. Read More

Elevated Minimalist House Designed for a Photographer by Hyde+Hyde Architects

Hyde+Hyde Architects have designed a unique home for a photographer on the edge of Brecon National Park in Pontypridd, Wales.  To avoid touching the walls of the quarry, Hyde + Hyde came up with the innovative solution of elevating the building off the ground, creating a distinctive house that intrudes on the surrounding landscape as little as possible. According to the architects, the elegant building is designed to “collect light and focus on distant views like a camera Obscura,” providing even more inspiration for the resident photographer. Large windows open up the home to natural light and the quiet beauty of the natural surroundings around the house. The majority of the elevation is clad with Cor-ten sheets, introduced as a rain screen facade. These are reminiscent of roofing materials found on local barns. Read More