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Highlighting your Style: twenty five Trendy Decorative mirrors that Charm and Pleasure

It is the small things plus tiny information in a space that carry on to make a large visual influence and determine the true design and benefit of an interior. Information that we usually ignore since we are way too fixated at the larger system of issues! Mirrors certainly fall under this particular category – an frequently ignored function that eventually makes a huge difference towards the ambiance of the room. Along with designers offering bolder styles and even more interesting outlines, decorative mirrors have come quite a distance from those people simple sq . and circular designs. In the geometrically spectacular to types that exhibit sheer wealth, 2017’s greatest mirror styles are all regarding contrast plus luxury. Read More

Glass and Wooden Volumes Highlighting a Fresh Landscape: Bray’s Island Residence

architecture wood glass residenceThe Bray’s Island SC Modern II Residence by SBCH Architects is located in Brays Island Plantation, a private country club in Sheldon, South Carolina, USA. Its modern character is unveiled by a series of connected volumes, paying tribute to minimalism. Asymmetry is a main characteristic of the architectural plan, each point of view offering new and surprising geometrical shapes. Large expanses of glass connect every interior with the vibrant surrounding landscape, while ensuring an abundance of natural lighting throughout the residence. Read More