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Modern Garden Flat in Lebanon Showcases Designer Furnishings

architecture modern home designBeirut-based interior design studio Roland Helou Design (ROHD) is the creative team behind this ground-floor garden flat in Lebanon. Conceived for a professional young couple, the contemporary apartment stretches over 3,229 square feet in a building in Rabieh, Beirut’s most affluent suburb. Read More

22 Examples of Real Leather On Well-Designed Furnishings

Böle Tannery lies just south of the Arctic Circle in Böle, Sweden. Established in 1899, it is now one of the last remaining bark tanneries in the world. The tannery is committed to sustainable business practices using spruce bark and vegetable tanning: hides are a by-product and spruce bark grows all around Böle. Tanning changes a raw hide into leather (Böle Tannery uses only the best quality animal hides) and the application of spruce bark tanning, a typically slow process using spruce bark and clean water (with absolutely no chemicals), affords the leather both a unique color and undamaged surface. Consequently no further treatment – such as dying or painting – is required, and hides are dried in fresh air. Read More

New Modern: The Latest in Furnishings and Decor

In today’s post, we celebrate the latest and greatest in new modern design finds! From furnishings with bold simplicity to decor that demands a second look, today’s featured pieces are clean-lined, and many showcase the best in geo minimalism. If fall design fever has put you in a shopping mood, take this opportunity to create a wish list for the new season. Enjoy browsing… Read More

25 Transparent Bathrooms Designed with Elegant Lines and Modern Furnishings

Do you remember this bathroom with transparent glass floor? It was designed to shock all the people that enter your house, and I am sure the gallery below will make a good impression on you too. Transparent wall becomes limiting, including the distribution of wet and dry areas. Apparently a lot of benefits you know. The entire wall adjacent to the bedroom area can be made of Transparent Glass Walls. Similarly, boundary between wet and dry areas. Bathroom with form like this may seem unusual, and not too wide as well size. But, still looks luxurious thanks to the use of marble on the walls and floor.
We gathered a bunch of 25 transparent bathrooms designed with elegant lines and modern furnishings. It’s pure poetry to have a bathroom with a view, be it a water tower, a tree, a lake or a park. I have to admit that overlooking the garden while having a bath sounds really good! Read More

Artistic furnishings by McCollin Bryan

These artistic furnishings by McCollin Bryan make use of some really nice materials. My favorite has to be the Lunar Table (first and third pic), the brass combined with the dark blue resin is an amazing combination not only in color but materials as well. At first I thought these resin tops were glass but they are a high polished resin. The combination of colors and base materials could be limitless. Some of his concrete work caught my attention as well. I believe that most of these pieces are in limited editions which make them very unique pieces of art. Read More

Ingenious Italian Style Furnishings For The Posh Spa-Like Bathroom

Each year the Milan Design Week throws up some of the best and arguably the finest decor collections on the planet that overwhelm you with their creativity and style. 2014 was obviously no different and one of the showstoppers at this year’s show when it comes to bathroom furnishings was Mastella Design. While we did uncover some of their ingenious delights amid all the rush in Milan that week, we now have a chance to sit back and marvel at their latest furnishings that promise to give you a spa-like experience right at home! Dubbed as the ‘Total Bathroom Collection’, each of these fixtures promises to drape you in complete luxury. Read More