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Massive Tiny Residence: Traditional and Modern Entwined with Light-Filled Functionality

Terraced houses from the Victorian and Edwardian era are anything of a common occurrence in reclusive, inner city suburbs across Australia and when viewed from the outdoors, Massive Minor House appears absolutely no different. This classic Victorian terrace property in Fitzroy North, Melbourne is actually 1 of a kind though as it combines a traditional, heritage front-façade with a area-savvy, contemporary interior in a fluid and efficient method. Operating about both the historical and solar limitations of the web site, Nic Owen Architects revamped the interior of the residence totally by altering its floor plan and also additional a modern rear extension. Read More

20 Small TV Rooms that Balance Style with Functionality

There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room with every piece of furniture being arranged around it! Many of us TV buffs still tend to do the same, but the modern trend has been to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedroom and the family room, others have opted for gorgeous and at times stunning media rooms and home theaters that blow you away. It is either an over-the-top home theater / media room or the hidden TV nook that grace most contemporary interiors. So, when did the good ol’ TV room start becoming unnecessary? Read More

Spacious Dubai Apartment Combining Elegance and Functionality

Recently completed by iKonic by R&S, this elegant apartment is situated in The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From the balanced floor plan and multiples sources of lighting to the large scale rug, ikonic by R&S team proves that good interior design can make 568 sqft feel like million. iKonic by R&S solution was to design a custom-made divider headboard beautifully layered with a matching wallpaper to divide the space in two separate area: a living / entertainment area and a sleeping area. Read More

1956: Stunning Kitchen Wraps Functionality in Delightful Vintage Charm

The revival of vintage elements in kitchen design in the last few years has seen many homeowners turn towards kitchen renovation projects that recapture the beauty of the long-forgotten past. Following this trend and taking it to a whole new aesthetic level is the fabulous 1956 Kitchen from Marchi that seems to transport you back in time and into a world where life moved along at a more leisurely pace! If you are looking for a kitchen that moves away from the mundane and offers a cozy escape wrapped in stainless steel, stone and wood, then his ravishing kitchen is indeed the perfect choice. Read More

Encapsulating Luxury and Functionality: Contemporary House Sar in Johannesburg

architecture modern residence10 Encapsulating Luxury and Functionality: Contemporary House Sar in Johannesburg Located within the leafy suburb of Athol, Johannesburg, the latest contemporary residence from Nico van der Meulen Architects was built to impress. House Sar is said to encapsulate “luxury, comfort and functionality in a minimalist architectural setting”. The clients approached Nico van der Meulen Architects with a modest single storey pitched roof house. Limited views and access to the garden resulted in the rooms being dark, and thus the clients’ main request was to transform this house into a light-filled open plan contemporary home. Ensuring that every room was naturally lit became the major challenge of this project for Werner van der Meulen.
design modern residence10 Encapsulating Luxury and Functionality: Contemporary House Sar in Johannesburg
A framework of steel columns and beams surround the entrance while louvered planes conceal the four garages and floating roofs. Upon arrival, a suspended steel framed cube hovers in mid air while the frameless glass pivot door welcomes you into a minimalist yet homely entrance hall. Replacing the existing tiled roof with a floating flat roof resulted in the living rooms being instantly illuminated, while a raised passage roof lets in north light, not only into the passage, but also into the guest bedroom on the south side of the house where an atrium allows morning sun into the bathroom and ventilates the suite safely and naturally. Read More

Village from Arrital: Classic Design Meets Modern Functionality

We absolutely adore kitchens that bring forth a unique blend of styles while becoming a natural extension of your modern living space. The amazing array of modern kitchen designs presents us with a world of possibilities when it comes to picking the right kitchen. But as always, we find ourselves drooling over the elegance and the timeless appeal of the very best from Italy! The latest member to this amazing lineup is Village from Arrital. Crafted for those who still love the inviting warmth of a traditional kitchen design, this fabulous series is all about bringing a touch of old world charm with contemporary ergonomics. Read More