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Smooth (! ) 100 percent Wooden Developer Chair: Extraordinary

Can you really make a totally wooden seat, which would be soft as though it has the cushion? As it happens that indeed, such a seat does can be found – plus it’s the only person. It has wood springs as well as a splendid style, one of a kind. Some individuals say this reminds all of them of cymbals, the others evaluate it to some xylophone. Read More

Home of Concepts: Extraordinary Fusion of Art, Sculpture and Eclectic Genius!

There are couple of tasks as that are as pleasingly difficult as designing their very own house for an architect and designer duo. Nestled in Kiev and filled with power, pleasure and ingenious custom décor Property of Ideas was crafted by Sergey and Vlada Makhno with a vision to accommodate their best most memorable creations. With a neutral backdrop in white, black and shades of gray, the apartment gives the perfect backdrop for the dynamic duo to showcase their ingenuity draped in fascinating, eclectic charm. Sculptures, paintings and diverse décor pieces come and go within this vivacious property with some staying about longer than other people! Read More

Most extraordinary area on Barbican Estate

This most extraordinary room on the Barbican Estate is at the moment on the market. It was converted into a property by Ken Mackay, who runs the practice Mackay + Partners, and Tracey Wiles, a Companion at Make Architects. The utilization of the Barbican concrete walls can make this kind of a stunning statement each architecturally and texturally. The large ceilings ad a volume and drama to the interiors. In a way I get a minor of a industrial modern feel with the concrete, steel doors and exposed brick walls. This space is massive at five bedrooms and a personal courtyard and backyard. Make certain to click through and go through a little background on the Barbican Estate. Read More


Extraordinary hardwood flooring by Winspear

Winspear, a hardwood flooring company has a stunning website with beautiful pictures of projects that have used their products. I believe that a floor can be one of the most important elements in the room. It can anchor the room and provide a surface to show off the interior spaces. I still have a fondness for herringbone and chevron wood floors. Overtime I see one I think “oh man”. Make sure to check out their site, lots of inspiration to see. Read More

Luxurious Villa Perfect For Extraordinary Events, Thailand

If you want to transform a special event into something extraordinary, you have to look for memorable places. Despite their unaccessible status – be it for high costs or remote destinations -, luxurious locations provide all the necessary props for great ceremonies. Thus, look for telluric paradises. For example, the villa below, a ‘jewellery’ in Samujana Complex in Koh Samui Island, Thailand. Designed for relaxing, training and entertaining, the villa offers an extensive array of facilities and spaces. In addition to seven oversized, en-suite bedrooms (five with private Jacuzzis), the luxurious villa features spa and yoga rooms, pool for children and a large cinema. Read More

Science is Magic: 12 Extraordinary Buildings Where People Do Science

Monday, December 8, 2014, by Rachel B. Doyle

From Antarctica to Austria, scientific research centers often have the coolest headquarters. Although glassy, tech-driven buildings would seem a natural choice to house cutting-edge institutions, there is hardly a unified aesthetic. In Europe, the headquarters of scientific thought leaders are in historic buildings, with frescoed ceilings, wood-paneled libraries, or half-timbered façades. In Moscow, the main building of the Academy of Sciences is an intriguingly garish tower, visible from miles around, whereas in California and Japan, the contemporary buildings are largely subterranean. Indeed, the only science buildings that actually resemble spaceships were designed by starchitect and terrible money-manager Santiago Calatrava. Meanwhile, down in Antarctica, the Halley VI station (above) on a floating ice shelf is the world’s first first fully relocatable polar research station. Below, 11 examples of charismatic science buildings: Read More

Achieve An Extraordinary Beach Vacation In Barbados

To most people the Caribbean evokes images of perfect beaches, sunny weather, and crystal clear water. However, these need not only be images and there are many destinations around the region that can bring them to reality. Barbados is one and the attractions of this beautiful island will ensure that visitors enjoy a Caribbean vacation to remember. Read More

Hotels Week 2014: The Extraordinary History of a New Hampshire Grand Hotel

On a late July day in 1902, at a mega-estate in New Hampshire’s Bretton Woods, entrepreneur Joseph Stickney stood before the crowd and proclaimed: “Look at me, gentlemen, for I am the poor fool who built all this!” And “poor fool” is about right: Stickney, a Robber Baron-era businessman who made his riches as a coal broker, opened his state-of-the-art hotel “at the end of an era,” according to Craig Clemmer, a director (and unofficial historian) at Mount Washington Hotel. Mount Washington, unparalleled in its newfangled architecture and amenities, was the last and most exorbitant of the area’s grand hotels. Though the hotel was endangered shortly after its opening, Mount Washington has managed to survive—more than 100 years, half a dozen owners, one grandstand post-war meeting of diplomats, $ 80M in restorations, and one ghost hunt later. Read More

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Sleek Organic Feel of Maple Set Knives

Maple Knives From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Sleek Organic Feel of Maple Set KnivesMaple Set Knives is an innovative set of two culinary knives prototyped by the Ottawa-based design firm, Federal Inc. Featuring a sleek design, these utensils break the mould of traditional thinking on everyday products. Forget about the regular kitchen appliances you use on a daily basis. We bet you didn’t experience so far knives almost entirely made of maple. So, what makes Maple Set Knives set so special besides the material? First, there’s the refinement. Second, the contrast. Third, that organic feel that comes from the “excessive” use of wood. Basically, it has all the ingredients to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Set Maple From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Sleek Organic Feel of Maple Set KnivesEach knife is made of a single piece of maple wood, conferring a sense of warmth and elegance to such a mundane item. The blade was transformed into a subtle detail that compliments the overall design. “The project goal was to not only produce a beautiful product but to break the mould of traditional thinking on everyday products; to get people to think differently about what they see around them and how they see it. And with this project we believe we have succeeded in breaking that mould.” Read More