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five Examples Where Sincere Craftsmanship Personifies Actual Luxury

In today’s international style marketplace, consumerism is widespread. Despite this adverse trend, there is a mindful movement towards, together with an enthusiasm for, design that is honest, aesthetic, unobtrusive and environmentally sustainable. More and more, people are making a conscientious selection to forgo those contrived luxury fads that blight day-to-day living, rather deciding on layout that will last for generations and facilitate enjoyment of a much better good quality of life. Read More

Libera: Bringing Snaidero’s Craftsmanship to Posh Contemporary Bathrooms

Contemporary bathrooms have evolved to replicate the ambiance, type and opulence of luxury spas and most house owners are now on the lookout for techniques in which they can get in on this refined transformation. The identify Snaidero is frequently connected with top-notch kitchens that are renowned for their fusion of Italian artistry and modern ergonomics. Libera, a part of Snaidero USA Residing Collection, brings this sophisticated elegance to the bathroom as its brilliant assortment of bathtubs, customized cabinets, mirrored medicine cabinets and vanities guarantee to renovate and reinvigorate any room they adorn. Read More

Double Loop Mirror Holder and Shelving Display Complex Craftsmanship

design modern mirror
DOUBLE LOOP by Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero is a mirror holder consisting of two bands in solid wood with curvature inspired by the harmonious shapes of fabric and paper: the rectangular section of the two concentric rings twists through 90 degrees in the lower part, creating two curvy shelves. The seemingly simple and straightforward aesthetic of the product actually hides a high degree of complex craftsmanship, requiring considerable skill to curve the solid wood in such a way as to make it fluid and light like fabric.
ideas modern mirror Read More

Modern craftsmanship by Jonathan Rowell

These pieces by Jonathan Rowell were created with modern craftsmanship through and through. I am a sucker for walnut and the Applejack nesting stools are phenomenal as they feel like they almost melt and extend to the floor. The Trumpet desk lamp in walnut and white lacquer would look really great facing a wall bouncing the light throughout a room. Make sure to check out the rest of Jonathan’s work. Read More

Tribute to Dedicated Craftsmanship: Impressive Spiral Staircase in London

modern St Judes Helical Staircase Tribute to Dedicated Craftsmanship: Impressive Spiral Staircase in London
We received some photos of an interesting spiral-shaped staircase, a bespoke project conceived in London. The design is captivating no matter what the standpoint and the photographer captured some incredible details. We believe one of the strongest features of the project is its grandeur, able to complement that of the interior it is placed in. The mosaic glass windows are mind-blowing and offer the place a unique personality. Read More