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St Kilda East House: Budget Family Home Combines Classic with Contemporary

It is a rare blend that is now increasingly becoming common in homes across the world – a heritage façade combined with a contemporary rear extension and an interior that is contemporary. The St Kilda East House is no different with its fabulous design that brings together two contrasting worlds. Classic and modern site comfortable next to one another in this residence built by Taylor Knights. Beyond the obvious aesthetics, the home also gives its residents the added advantage of being built on a stringent budget while accommodating two individual families in close proximity. The layout of the house offers each family ample privacy while bring them together in the common area. Read More

Built for an Artist: Contemporary Lake House with a Spacious Studio and Workshop

It is easy to see the appeal of a tranquil lake house that takes you away from the dazzle and noise of big cities. This prospect becomes an even more tantalizing idea for a couple of artists who want a serene hangout that fills them with ideas and inspirations. Designed for owners who are both artists – he is a painter and multimedia artist while she is a photographer and designer, the Trout Lake House in Washington mesmerizes you with the astounding views that it offers. Set on 40 acre agricultural property and sitting right next to the White Salmon River, the lake house opens up completely to invite in the vast outdoors. Read More