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eighteen Festive Bottle of wine Centerpieces

A good bottle of wine centerpiece is usually budget-friendly plus eye-catching. Within your search for tips on how to smartly repurpose these types of beverage containers, you may experience a few issues. For one thing, if you are using the containers as floral vases, their elevation makes it difficult to achieve balanced look using a full arrangement. And while it’ s great to create your personal wine bottle table decorations , specific options shout “ homemade” instead of “ I can’ t think you produced that” … Read More

bf2dd  Monstera deliciosa centerpiece.jpg

12 Tropical Centerpieces Featuring Exotic Greenery

About ten weeks ago, I purchased a large tropical leaf from the monstera deliciosa plant. If you’re curious about what it looks like, scroll down to the first image in today’s post… The leaf is still alive, folks. Yes, after 10 weeks! This got me thinking about exotic greenery and blooms and the way they help us stretch our dollar in style. 10 weeks!!! Read More