Wooden Volume Turns Old Shed into a Lovely Backyard Painting Studio

The backyard workspace is an idea quickly gaining traction in a world where ‘work from home’ is becoming a greater possibility for a greater number of employees with each passing year. Of course, not everyone needs a home office that is geared to sync with the latest tech gadgets and smart technology. Some of use long for a simpler crafting space or even a painting studio and that is precisely what Open Kaart delivers with their Backyard Painting Studio in Woerden, Netherlands. Part of a renovated family house and garden, this gorgeous and modern painting studio was just a brick-walled shed in its previous avatar.

Old shed turned into a backyard painting studio in the Netherlands

The existing shed with brick walls was given a complete makeover by using a wooden box that adds volume and height to the shed even while keeping 3 of the 4 existing walls intact. The wooden volume seems to gently float above the brick walls even while adding textural beauty to the exterior. On the inside, a light and white backdrop filled with plenty of natural light shapes the painting studio. With a small upper level space the backyard studio can also be used as guest house or even a smaller second home down the line. The smart attic space can also be turned into an additional bedroom when needed. [Photography: Rufus de Vries]

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Renovated modern home and painting studio in The Netherlands

Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the garden

Light-filled and modern interior of the backyard painting studio

Beautifully framed windows add to the charm of the painting studio

Black-framed doors and windows anchor the light, breezy structure

Backyard painting studio and retreat

The clients have worked intensively with the project. Many design sessions have taken place at the kitchen table. The youngest son of the client made a model of the preliminary draft. A brother in law made a new stained glass window. Neighbors have been consulted early and expressed a positive attitude about the extra quality and possibilities introduced by the plan.

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Backyard painting studio and retreat

Modern wooden volume combined with brick shed walls to create a lovely studio

Original brick walls of the old shed are combined with new wooden facade

Wooden volume turns the old brick-walled shed in the backyard into a painting studio

Budget design uses a wooden volume to create backyard painting studio

Closer look at the stylish wooden frame of the painting studio

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