Wearable Drum Kit Hugs Your Physique In Thumping Beats

Going to an electronic music present can be a great expertise if you really love the artist, but if you’re there to see a thrilling functionality you may well be disappointed. Most digital musicians, talented although they may be, really don’;t truly move all around much on stage throughout a dwell demonstrate.

Noticing this, Wesley Chau designed a wearable drum machine named Drop the Beat that seems to be a bit like a bullet-proof vest. Hitting it in diverse spots enables diverse sounds to play, a lot like a regular electronic drum machine. The main big difference, of program, is that the performer will get to move around, interact with the audience and develop a overall performance that is wholly exclusive each and every single time.

As Chau encourages other individuals to use his vest and get the beats dropping left and appropriate, he is astonished at the diverse interpretations come up with by different end users. He hopes to get DJs and musicians into the vest to give it a shot. Who knows – some day musical clothing could be the norm and we’ll all stroll down the street playing our personal private theme songs.

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