Transformed House in Mexico City Combines Art with Green Goodness

An old house turned into a fabulous office that is dedicated to promote collaboration and social commitment through local art, the Fundación Casa Wabi Headquarters in Mexico City is a truly one-of-a-kind setting that is draped in a cloak of green. Remodeled and revamped by Alberto Kalach, this gorgeous and open setting was once an old house with a weary old interior. With 2 internal courtyards and access to 2 different streets of the city, the inviting gallery combines vintage charm of the interior with modern functionality, to deliver the best of both worlds.

Greenery all around creates a fabulous setting for the art gallery

Beyond the lower level, open gallery space, the 2 upper levels of the headquarters offer additional meeting rooms along with 6 dedicated offices and a covered workshop. Alberto Kalach’;s botanical design also finds space here along with ample green spaces and relaxing courtyards breaking up any sense of monotony. Wooden and steel beams exposed on the upper level and old, paint finishes on the wall on the lower level add contrast to the setting even while reminding those inside about the structure’s less glamorous past. [Photography: Yoshi Koitani]

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Sweeping deck next to the interior courtyard offers a tranquil sitting area

Restored interiors preserve some of the older finishes for a touch of vintage charm

Renovated house in Mexico turned into art gallery, workshop and office space

Upper level corridor leading to the workshop and 6 offices

Tall plants inside the house provide freshness and cheerful aura

Fundación Casa Wabi is a non-profit, civil organization that aims to promote collaboration and social commitment through art. We are convinced that a personal encounter with art has a positive impact, for which reason we seek to generate dialogue and interaction to enrich the programs’ participants outlook on life. Created in 2014 by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi, the foundation adopts its name from the concept “Wabi-Sabi,”

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Interior courtyard of the revamped art gallery with plenty of greenery

New interior of the restore home flows into the lovely courtyards outside

Lower level floor plan of Fundacion Casa Wabi Headquarters

Upper level floor plan of the revamped gallery in Mexico

Roof level floor plan

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