TONO, the Unique Bathing room Collection for that 21st Century: Job interview with Foster+Partners

When an worldwide renowned structures and style practice collaborates with a internationally respected ceramic and bathing room manufacturer to produce a new bathing room range, you could be sure of the striking outcome. And so, whenever London-based Foster + Partners joined up with forces using the Castellón-based Porcelanosa Grupo, a brand new vision within bathroom web design and development was born.

Together, Create + Companions and Porcelanosa created the particular TONO selection, a truly exceptional, innovative plus discerning group of bathroom parts. In TONO — a series made up of TONO Elements plus TONO A single — we discover a obviously expressed style language, adding minimalism, application, sustainability plus craft. TONO’s designers have got produced your bathroom for the modern world, attaching excellent importance in order to water use and effectiveness, as well as user-friendly and unified design: simply by concentrating on important design elements, all unnecessary details had been eliminated to be able to promote durability. For example , the 2. 3 litre capacity TONO sink decreases water wastage by providing the ideal amount of drinking water.

TONO Components and TONO One are usually suited to a variety of residential plus commercial decorations. Where TONO One unifies the element parts of your bathroom in 3 pre-fabricated models (a bath, sink plus WC ), TONO Components offers substantial choice, versatility and unlimited combinations. Along with over 100 products, ‘Elements’ comprises a variety of sinks, bathing, WCs, brassware and furnishings, available in a number of materials plus finishes. Certainly, Porcelanosa’s colour scheme of components is intensive and contains marble, ceramic, timber plus KRION® Strong Surface. Various Porcelanosa Grupo companies had been involved in the producing of TONO: Noken — a producer of restroom equipment; L’Antic Colonial — a specialist within exclusive plus natural items (such since terracotta, marbled and wood); and Systempool — the particular developer associated with KRION®, the next generation strong surface.

The particular TONO selection is undoubtedly comprehensive in its style, development plus execution. To find out more about TONO, Decoist. possuindo put several questions in order to Mike Netherlands, Head of business Design on Foster + Partners.

The particular designers who else worked on Tono // © Aaron Hargreaves / Create + Companions

What was the particular inspiration regarding TONO?

TONO is really a comprehensive plus coordinated selection of bathroom items that can be used inside a multitude of configurations, from home to industrial interiors plus everything between. The goal was to produce a library associated with bathroom components in a wide palette associated with materials plus finishes that may be used to customize any area.

Being a collection, TONO is certainly devoted. How do you began designing task management such as this?

As with all of our projects, the procedure starts along with asking queries. We wished to create a bathing room range that will explored brand new ideas associated with materiality plus craft, and will be offering more selection to customers.

Whenever envisaging TONO as an finish product, do you have a specific consumer in your mind? If so, so how exactly does this impact the design procedure?

TONO has been developed across an extensive price range and to match a variety of weighing scales — through compact bath rooms to bigger spaces.

What distinguishes TONO from all other bathroom series?

The majority of bathroom varies have a novel image, yet TONO is all about choice, permitting multiple constructions within the exact same family. The particular project was obviously a collaborative business that delivered together services whose experience lies in various materials. For example, we caused Noken to build up ceramics plus brassware, L’Antic Colonial at the stone, plus Systempool, that are KRION® Strong Surface experts. As a result, TONO works throughout a wide range of components and coatings, offering higher choice in order to designers plus users.

From a style perspective, just how would you explain TONO? Exactly what words greatest capture the essence?

The challenge had been to create a group of components basically together included in an integrated program, with an limitless choice of coatings and components. Unified with a common, easy design vocabulary and colour scheme of supporting materials plus colour shades, the smart aesthetic produces in the fore an integrity of materials, simplicity associated with form as well as the craft associated with manufacture.

The shoes are an specifically distinctive function of the TONO collection. How can you reimagine something which is, basically, a common, daily object?

Going back in order to first concepts, we pared the shoes back to their particular essence, making a minimal, peaceful object that will demonstrates the particular symbiotic connection between solid elements plus machined elements. Each component was designed for the purpose. For example, the precision machined lines on top of the faucet communicate the function as a manage — a single naturally seems like turning this!

TONO is separated into 2 parts: TONO Elements plus TONO A single. What was the particular thinking at the rear of this?

Both TONO Elements plus TONO A single offer best flexibility within specification. Along with over 100 different items, the TONO Elements variety brings together decorative mirrors, brassware, included timber self storage units and benches, basins, bidets and bathrooms, in a selection of finishes — such as rock, ceramic plus KRION® Strong Surface. These types of elements can become combined definitely to suit a number of spaces. TONO One provides 3 pre-fabricated units — shower, kitchen sink and WC — that will allow for simplicity of installation as well as a fully included system which is flexible sufficient to fit right into a pre-existing developing.

Promote + Companions and Porcelanosa Grupo are usually 2 internationally respected plus prestigious businesses. Collaborating at the development of the particular TONO selection, how do your diverse skill pieces complement one another?

We regularly work with producers who have experience in particular materials or even production strategies. Porcelanosa is among the few worldwide organisations having a wide colour scheme of components that could act as the basis for that full range. I have worked with Porcelanosa on prior projects, we now have always been amazed at their professionalism and reliability and dedication to high quality.

Tono A single and Tono Elements – creative contemporary bathrooms

TONO is obviously a good looking, smart plus functional restroom collection. However, in a planet where drinking water is an significantly scarce reference, how do you make certain TONO’s different components would certainly minimise waste materials and work in a environmentally friendly manner?

Each installing has been made to meet the greatest global criteria with regards to decreasing water intake. Even the kitchen sink has been cautiously designed to end up being small within scale, using a conical dish that maximises the level while using the minimal amount of drinking water.

Searching across the whole TONO selection, what are a person most very pleased?

It could have to be the particular breadth plus depth from the complete selection — it is very flexible, however each component is clearly identifiable because TONO. It really is truly unique.

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