Three-Room Minimalist Apartment – Israel by Nordes

The 3-Room Minimalist Apartment in Israel portrays how a small floor plan can transition into flowing spaces. Designed by the Belarus-based studio, Nordes, the modern dream flat is made up of a shared living-kitchen-dining room, study and bedroom and is beautifully bathed in tonal hues resembling natural stone.

The entire apartment evokes a monochromatic concept with soft grey, white and pale wood covering every surface. A sectional sofa hugs the corner, while a duo of rounded triangular tables offering a platform for magazines and a few decorative pieces. An oversized black-and-white photograph on canvas is elegant as it leans against the wall, across from a framed white ar2rk. A projector is discreetly installed upon the ceiling, while the retractable screen remains hidden above the built-in timber wall unit with large flat screen television and speaker systems.

The adjacent dining room shares the wall of windows with the living zone, which is draped in floor-to-ceiling sheers. In fact, this breezy fabric is hung from a recess which spans the entire width of the connected space–such an imaginative way to create the appearance of higher ceilings. A natural-wood table with modern chairs rests underneath this window overlooking the city.

The sleek kitchen features flat wood veneer cabinetry which complements the same heather-beige color of the wood floors and wall paneling. A dark backsplash offers a rich contrast, while stainless appliances elevate the look.

More of a dramatic design display unfolds in the study, which is wrapped in darker honey-toned wood paneling and floors, and painted a charcoal grey. A small desk and mid-century modern chair enjoy the space, which is also fit with a plush leather sofa in muted gold. Black modular shelving not only saves space, but creates distinctive nooks for books, decor and ar2rk. A window sheds natural light into the space, yet can be controlled by the thick grey drapes which dress this cozy area.

Down the hall, the bedroom reverts back to that fantastic, extreme minimalism. An upholstered platform bed sits in the center of this white room which features gorgeous, roughly-textured walls. Natural light spills in from the window, while a sumptuous grey-mix shag rug creates a softness against the raw wood flooring. Unique wall sconces are  positioned above the wood-grain bedside stools, and lighted from above and below, casting an intimate light within the space. The bathroom is sheathed in chocolate marble with floating buff-hued vanity and deep soaking tub, becoming a relaxing oasis.

With a mere 3 rooms, the Minimalist Apartment is an idealistic and livable modern dream home.

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Posted by Suzanne at 25 November, 2013

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