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Spatial Relativity: Typical Property Sizes About The Planet

tiny homes movement us

The tiny residences movement gaining traction in the United States appears like spatial extremism to some people – what typical family could possibly get by in below 1000 square feet? It turns out that in some countries, that amount is truly already above average.

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The above infographic (shown in metric above for our audiences abroad, but also in square feet at the bottom of this page) illustrates just how uncommon the situation is in America. Outside of Australia, coming in near second and itself a land with a quite low population density, residences in the US are massive.

average home size us

And this is not a historic continual for the United States either – it represents a huge uptick in average square footage over the previous handful of decades, in which home owners have demanded (or been sold) the idea of a bigger house.

small homes in square feet

Keep in thoughts that these are averages – so for all of those huge houses skewing the data upward, there are probably some ultra-modest spaces bringing the all round information back down. Infographics and information by means of Urban Omnibus, BBC and Apartment Therapy.

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