Sculptural Design with Its Magnificent Best: High-class Mountain House in Chile

A scintillating combination of structural and visual elements makes sure that Casa Chamisero in Santiago , Chile well and truly stands apart from the group. Designed to take full advantage of amazing hill and area views, whilst offering comprehensive privacy for all those inside, this is a custom wood and metal fence that will steals the particular spotlight right here. Wrapping by itself around the whole lower amount of the private property, the fencing acts as the particular defining function of the home and assists create a micro-climate of types inside the confines, because of a beautiful highlighting pool plus ample greenery.

Custom metal and wood fence wraps around the house to give the cheaper level personal privacy

GITC arquitectura considered a cement plinth to have the home the structurally audio base along with Chilean wooden glass plus concrete framing the interior. It does not take first amount of the house which contains the dual height residing area together with other public areas while the 2nd level keeps the extensive bedrooms combined with the bathrooms. Limited to the basements are the songs room, leisure zones home entertainment and other enjoyable spaces. An attractive stairwell links the various amounts even while permitting unhindered movement of gentle.

Wood, metallic, glass plus concrete form the distinctive form of Incapere Chamisero

Private wood and steel screen covered around Odaie Chamisero

Chilean wooden planks provide the interior any and welcoming look

Cascading chandelier illuminates the particular stairway from Casa Chamisero

Colourful modular seats for the family room with cement curved walls

Modern kitchen within red plus white along with dazzling BROUGHT lighting

Recreational area and songs room in the basement degree

Beautiful wooden outdoor patio and highlighting pond round the Chilean house

Treat deck from the top degree overlooks the particular infinity swimming pool and the watch beyond

A series of products, outdoor patios and infinity pool form the surroundings around the hill villa along with luxury becoming combined with performance almost perfectly. A dashing kitchen within white along with red radiance, modular decorating scheme in the family room and colourful décor provide brightness for an interior which is otherwise soothing and fairly neutral.

Cantilevered infinity pool on the expansive Chilean home requires your breathing away!

View from the rear porch and infinity pool from Casa Chamisero

Cement walls form the act of the fashionable contemporary house

Stairwell with spin out of control staircase on the exterior and a highlighting pond close to it

Koi fish pond along with a good infinity swimming pool and highlighting pond provide tranquility

Stunning sculptural contemporary house in Santiago, Chile

Open wood deck and also a shaded seated area

Casa Chamisero after sun

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