RIOOW Hostel - Rio de Janeiro-Brazil -PKB Arquitetura & Vital Oficina-hospitalty design

RIOOW Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by PKB Arquitetura & Vital Oficina

The RIOOW Hostel in Rio de Janeiro interprets modern hospitality design with imaginative takes on traditional muxarabi, a play of juicy hues and kitschy-cool elements. The progressive accommodations are located in a vibrant neighborhood of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and were designed in a collaboration by PKB Arquitetura with Vital Oficina.

Funky painted wall murals and a curved hedge designate the blue-and-white hostel from the street corner view. The screening is a stand-out, melding the outside facade with its thinly-layered mylar installation with the interior ceilings and panels encompassing the sleeping quarters. Ultra-modern, these muxarabi-inspired elements pique interest, especially in the dining lounge where the ceiling is illuminated from within with color-changing LED lighting. The dorm rooms feature stacked bunk beds highlighted by the perforated light-wood screens which create dimension within the space.

The design team was certain to inject some local spice into the environ, which features painted wood works of art, traditional guitars and exotic animal decor including the fun parrot perched in a corner. Many of these distinctive accents were crafted by neighborhood artisans which wonderfully ties the RIOOW Hostel to its community.

A blue wall stamped with the names of international oceans, including lines of latitude and longitude, depicts a world map made of 6,000 metal bolts–amazing idea! Rectangular tables with white Eames-inspired chairs fill this quaint area, while geometric floor tiles are a mix of blue, white and yellow adding a jovial energy to this unconventional hostel.

An adjacent outdoor terrace is colorful in sky blue and sunny yellow furnishings, including the sunburst-style lounging chairs and pedestal stools. A tall white fence creates privacy for guests, while the corrugated metal facade features glass French doors which open, creating a superb place for indoor-outdoor socializing.

With an edgy concept, the RIOOW Hostel is on the forefront of inviting accommodations which are also budget-friendly and ridden with hip, modernist design.


Posted by Suzanne at 26 November, 2013

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