Plastic Or Wooden Furnishings? Each, By Pelidesign

The incredible furniture venture PlasticNature demonstrates that it’;s feasible to fuse wood and injection-moulded plastic to produce beautiful furnishings. The craftsmen at Pelidesign think that the 2 worlds “belong with each other – they are the 2 utilitarian”. Incredibly, “the wooden legs truly ‘flow’; into the seat plank” by way of the plastic connecting components. These furnishings objects only appear reliable – they are actually clung together plastic and wooden pieces, by the signifies of a join similar to dovetail. PlasticNature does not just show the structure is sound, it also exhibits the aesthetic harmony among the 2 materials. Awesome furnishings! Visit Pelidesign.

plastic-nature-tables-chairs-stools-by-pelidesign-1.jpg plastic-nature-tables-chairs-stools-by-pelidesign-2.jpg plastic-nature-tables-chairs-stools-by-pelidesign-3.jpg

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