Partying the Outdoors: Peaceful Second House Surrounded simply by Greenery

Call it a soothing escape, a holiday retreat or simply a vacation where family and friends can come jointly to have a great time – a second house definitely contributes to your quality of life. In contrast to your primary home, the focus the following is often upon outdoor residing, a peaceful ambiance plus low-maintenance internal and decorating scheme which provide you with peace of mind! It really is precisely these types of traits that certain discovers in the Cest Una Vie created by Atelier Style N Site in Alibag, Maharashtra, Indian . A gorgeous coastal city that is sheltered from the busyness of next urban metropolitan areas like Mumbai, this is the ideal setting for the tranquil vacation home.

Areas of the 2nd home within India along with box in just a box style

The particular lot which Cest Una Vie rests is encircled by high trees, providing those within ample personal privacy while furthermore offering an all natural acoustic hurdle. This hide of eco-friendly allows for the look of an open up home exactly where pavilion-style decorations flow to the fabulous courtyard, the extensive pool porch and the reviving Jacuzzi outdoors. It is the living-dining pavilion region that is the cardiovascular of this beautiful home using a series of drinking water bodies and also a large swimming pool providing a relaxing backdrop. It really is above this particular outdoor eating area the master bedroom rests while 4 guest rooms and additional areas are placed within a separate side.

Outdoor submerged seating, revolutionary kids’ sleeping rooms and a dive pool that will overlooks an all natural ping within the distance are usually few of the a lot of captivating functions at this high-class Indian house. Complete with cozy, modern decorating scheme and environmentally friendly lighting, lifetime at Cest La Strive feels like a total breeze! [Photography: Sebastian Zachariah]

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Calming outdoor decoration for the outdoor at Cest La Strive

Agreement of the contemporary bedrooms round the pool region

Personal courtyard plus pool part of the second house in Maharashtra

Spectacular pool plus al fresco dining in the stunning vacation home

Sunken seats with swimming pool around this

Sculptural figure of the horse over the wall alongside the Hot tub

Our style process is all about creating moments… elemental plus episodically unfolding. The flow within the home and areas between features need to stick to sequence associated with actions. The amount of areas is once again defined with the function. The top open areas, fluidity plus transparency among spaces, the thought of natural surroundings interspersed along with built type are all metaphorical for the client’s nature.

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Swimming pool area of the house with curled stone walls

Calming bedrooms movement into the surroundings outside

Wall associated with green in front of the house having a curved access

Surface floor program of Cest La Strive

Very first floor program of Cest La Strive

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