Nomadic Furnishings: All-in-1 Trunk For Guest Habitation

Image by yourself on the road – traveling in between cities to check out friends, or staying with a colleague to attend a conference. They have an inflatable bed, or a futon, but not a guest room. You have your suitcase, garments and equipment. What is missing?

Possibly it is the  Arara Nômade by André Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben – a trunk that turns into a series of shelves, slots, drawers and hangers to make your stay a minor much more comfortable and organized.

It calls for no attachment despite its height, as it can be leaned against any offered wall, offering it far more vertical room to grow with no requiring considerably floor space.

Very best of all, the venture is intuitively designed for easy assembly and does not require screws, glue or tools to put with each other, that means all you want to make it is contained in the traveling case itself, which gets to be the integrated base at the finish.

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