Mattiazzi: Where Workmanship and Technical Know-How Combine

Mattiazzi can be a family-owned maker of wooden furnishings, based in Udine—a city plus commune in the northeastern part of Italy.

About Mattiazzi

Brothers Nevio and Fabiano Mattiazzi created their eponymous company more than 3 decades ago. For 30 years, Mattiazzi worked like a subcontractor to brands, creating a reputation designed for crafting complicated wooden items. Today, being an independent clothing, Mattiazzi provides honed the expertise plus applies its manufacturing prowess in order to specially entrusted furniture styles. The company works together with some of the world’; s primary designers, including Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Sam Hecht (of Industrial Facility).

Jasper Morrison’; s Fionda seat was influenced by a camping out chair bought by the developer in The japanese, and eventually placed in their living room. Photograph courtesy of Mattiazzi (with Jasper Morrison pictured).

The Mattiazzi brothers had been astute entrepreneurs: recognising that the seismic change towards Chinese plus Eastern European creation was coming, they committed to high-tech COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL manufacturing machines. With strong craftsmanship plus ‘ Produced in Italy’; since its bedrock, Mattiazzi’; s popularity would develop exponentially. It had been in 08 that the business shifted things, embarking on the introduction of its own top quality collection. Mattiazzi’; s debut collection—titled ‘ He or she Said and She Said’; —was created by Studio Nitzan Cohen. The task differentiated chair with a masculine-feminine variant.

This individual Said and She Mentioned chairs. Photograph courtesy of Mattiazzi.

At Mattiazzi, there is a cross approach to production, where workmanship and technologies work together in unison. Specialist craftsmen work state-of-the-art machinery, and wood acquires the complex shapes typically linked with injection-moulded plastic-type. To operate this kind of machinery is regarded as a skill; whenever writing about Mattiazzi, the commercial designer Jonathan Olivares observed: ‘ Mattiazzi disproves the modern misconception that mechanical manufacturing is not really a craft’; (Source).

Mattiazzi’; s Items

Mattiazzi’; t products discuss a similar vernacular, their physicality rooted within local workmanship and technical know-how. Wooden is used throughout, the warm, expending tactile attributes manifestly indicated in every design. Every single chair, feces and desk is decreased to the most important form, in a fashion that belies the particular intricate level associated with craftsmanship included.

Selected items include:


Designed by Mike Hecht, Branca is created robotically. Certainly, watching this particular video on the particular making from the Branca seat for Mattiazzi, is like viewing a beautiful waltz between guy and device: it is really mesmerising.

Branca chair. Photo © Decoist.

Branca seat in various shades. Photo politeness of Mattiazzi.


Clerici by Konstantin Grcic is said in order to radiate ‘ devout serenity’; (one may imagine it perfectly in your own home on an alter). Clerici can be characterised simply by straight ranges and sides, its wide armrests recommending an surroundings of specialist.

Clerici chair. Photo © Decoist.

The Clerici bench, upholstered version. Photo © Decoist.


Developed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Osso is really a creative plus highly toned family of chairs, stools plus tables, each one of these just asking to be caressed.

Osso seats. Photo politeness of Mattiazzi.

Osso seat and desk. Photo politeness of Mattiazzi.

Osso feces. Photo © Decoist.


Designed by Sam Hecht, Radice is a enchanting 3-legged feces with a little but solid backrest.

Small Radice stool. Photo © Decoist.

Small plus tall Radice stools. Picture courtesy of Mattiazzi.


Solo is really a solidly constructed, no-nonsense chair. Developed by Nitzan Cohen, this refined pew can also be available like a stool.

Single chair. Photo © Decoist.

Stacked Single chairs within varied shades. Photo politeness of Mattiazzi.

Solo feces. Photo politeness of Mattiazzi.


Tronco by Sam Hecht is made making use of planks associated with wood which are joined with each other. On the surface, the look appears instead modest; however Tronco is really a well built seat, made with Mattiazzi’; s normal attention to fine detail.

Tronco seat. Photo © Decoist.


‘ A New Starting for Devices and Hands’; by Jonathan Olivares. Recovered from:

‘ Mattiazzi’; s Udine Headquarters’; by Jill Singer. Recovered from:

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