Kuramathi: Idyllic Island Resort Promises An Exotic Getaway With Stunning Views

There are holidays and then there are dream destinations that seem like a little piece of paradise that has found its way to earth! South East Asia boasts many such stunning getaways that combine sun, sand and waves with delectable cuisine and contemporary opulence. Located on the Kuramathi Island in Maldives , the spectacular Kuramathi Resort is a tropical paradise that promises secluded beaches, a lavish lifestyle and a soothing vacation that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. With the Indian Ocean on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, the magical island resort transports you to a picture-perfect world filled with white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters.

Stunning villas atop the ocean with a view of the majestic turquoise waters

Garden villas that connect you with nature at all times and beach villas that allow you to spend some unforgettable days perched atop the calm Indian Ocean waters welcome you at the Kuramathi Island Resort. From the lavish ‘Super Beach Villas’ to the sensational ‘Honeymoon Villas’, the captivating resort has a wide variety of guest rooms, and each one combines the indigenous design style of Maldives with modern facilities and contemporary decor to make your stay here unforgettable. A sensational spa surrounded by a natural forest and the ever-present ocean at the island fills you with renewed energy amid an air of tranquility.

Exotic island resort with spa facility that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean! Amazing infinity-edge pool overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean in Maldives Idyllic getaway in Maldives transports you into a world of luxury and natural beauty Luxurious pool next to the bay area offers both privacy and opulence Amazing infinity-edge pool overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean in Maldives Mesmerizing Maldives resort with contemporary comfort and natural goodness Private villas with lovely pool area at the Kuramathi Luxurious outdoor chaise lounge adiditons allow you to relax under the sun Lovely villas of the Kuramathi Island Resort in Maldives with ocean views Island Resort Villas Overlooking the Indian Ocean Outdoor hot tub adds to your soothing stay at the Kuramathi

Water sports and outdoor activities along with deep sea diving keep the adventure enthusiasts busy at the resort, while delectable cuisine and candle-lit dinners on the beach leave the food-lovers and romantics enchanted! With nature walks, an eco-center and even a kids club at the island, Kuramathi is all about exploring Maldives while draped in magnificence!

Sip on your favorite drink as you relax at the exquisite Kuramathi Island Resort Comfy bedrooms and lavish interiors complete a memorable stay at the Island Resort Exqusite interior with wooden floor and a native appeal Canopy beds accentaute the appeal of the exotic getaway Stunning modern bath brings together lovely views and modern luxury Luxurious villas of the Kuramathi Island Resort after sunset Relax next to the Indian Ocean as you take in the many sights and sounds Pristine white beach plays the perfect host to a relaxing evening at the Island Resort A Magical evening at the stunning Kuramathi Resort, Maldives Lovely lantern style lighting takes over at the resort after sunset Beautiful lighting and Outdoor beds let you spend a night under the stars Goregous architecture combines the native design style with modern elegance A night dining on the beah next to the Indian ocean at the Kuramathi Resort, Maldives Enjoy the local cusine at the Kuramathi Brilliant LED lighting in the pool mimics the night sky as you rest next to the ocean Kuramathi Island Resort in Rasdhoo Atoll Maldives

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