Innovative New Scavolini Composition Brings together Bathroom along with Laundry Room

Looking for ways by which you can reduce wastage associated with space while freeing upward a tiny area that might act as your new office at home, guest area or even simply a cozy, rest nook? Merging the laundry washing room with all the bathroom is a good start and also those who have restricted space in order to spare within the bathroom are now able to give this particular idea an attempt. Designed by Idelfonso Colombo regarding Scavolini, Laundry washing Space is definitely an ingenious structure that mixes Scavolini’s greatest contemporary bath rooms with wise shelving plus hidden self storage units for your washer, dryer plus iron panel to offer the most of both realms.

Rivo bathing room combined with clever laundry region to create most of both realms

Each one of the composition borrows elements through already well-known Scavolini bathing rooms like Auqo, Idro plus Rivo amongst a host of other people. These dashing, contemporary bath rooms are effortlessly coupled with thoroughly placed devices, wall-mounted shelves and the trademarked Fluida Walls System to accommodate laundry area units and also to create area for a devoted wardrobe. This particular clever mixture of various do it yourself units enables homeowners in order to compose the restroom / washing room of the dreams without having to sacrifice on efficiency or considering wastage associated with space.

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Part wall racks and cupboards coupled with washing space

Fluida walls system coupled with refined bathing room setting plus smart laundry washing space

Hidden ironing space in the contemporary bathing room

Light-filled bathroom plus laundry room composition

Wardrobes plus storage shelves are combined with bathroom plus laundry area hybrid

Wood provides warmth towards the polished modern bathroom plus laundry room

All of the washing plus cleaning components of a hassle-free washing room at this point can be found inside your bathroom which dedicated washing area in your house can be used within a much more effective fashion. A good astute agreement that oozes synergy plus style!

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Laundry Room combines the restroom with a modern laundry area

Do it yourself units found on vehicles for Washing Space plus bathroom

Refined modern bathroom that will also conceals laundry area

Scavolini’; s Idro bathroom within gray gets to be the design template for this Washing Space Style

Cupboards with shiny finish plus nifty washing units produce Idro designed Laundry Area

Laundry washing Space created by Idelfonso Colombo for Scavolini

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