Hyper-Insulated Family Home upon Farmland Created to Withstand Earthquakes

Large heat range difference among day and night, an area that is susceptible to frequent earthquakes and its remote presence on the large part of rural farming land had been the elements that described the design and complete of Passalacqua Lahsen Home in Colina, Santiago, Chile . Created by GITC Arquitectura to conquer these preliminary hurdles, the particular contemporary household house rests on a engineered base since the nature associated with soil at the agricultural great deal was not really conducive to get construction. Dressed in white-colored and punctured by the wonderful placed home windows throughout the construction, the façade is a mixture of traditional non-urban design plus modern appearances with insulating material and personal privacy being best priorities.

Modern Passalacqua Lahsen House with an agricultural great deal in Chile

In the middle of this Chilean home created for a family associated with 5 is really a large, double-height living region with little loft area above. Basically a single degree structure, the particular height of the house allows for digging in a smaller loft area level without needing to commit to creating an entire 2nd level. Strengthened concrete, structural steel and also a prefabricated approach to insulated sections ensure that the particular temperature within is thoroughly controlled even while the clerestory windows usher in a overflow of sun light.

Color palette in the residence is definitely kept mainly neutral along with white, wooden and jumps of gentle blue overtaking in every room. The carefully designed, space-savvy kitchen area and calming bedrooms full this comfy modern house set amongst a traditional backdrop. [Photography: Felipe Díaz Contardo]

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Guaranteed efficient type of the modern home makes a controlled environment indoors

Special foundation of the modern home offers stable floor

Hyper-insulated structure of recent home within Chile

Double-height main living are usually and dining area of the home within Chile

Unique modern kitchen within white

Clerestory home windows usher within ample sun light

A house with no close neighbours, solitary, a minimum of for a time, fairly far from metropolitan services plus facilities. A good exposed plus discreet creating, far from its very own predial sides and securely anchored towards the ground, inside a close, very clear, clean and noticeable environment. The hyper protected body thermally…

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Elegantly framed inside of the remote home within Chile

Extended roofing offers defense against scorching high temperature and sunlight

Airborne view associated with Passalacqua Lahsen House as well as the agricultural property around this

Very first floor strategy of Passalacqua Lahsen Home

Surface floor program of contemporary house in Chile

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