How to Create a Cosy Snug

After a hard day’s work either in the office or looking after the children, there is nothing better than sinking into a comfortable sofa with a glass of wine. Snugs are becoming an increasingly popular room to have in any home as they are a place to wind down in a cosy setting with your loved one, or simply enjoy some alone time. A snug does not have to be a large room, and in many cases the smaller the better, but there are a few ideas that can really make it special.

Colour Scheme

Pick a luxurious and neutral colour scheme for your snug such as browns and creams. These go together beautifully and really give a sense of relaxation. You can apply this throughout the extras such as furnishings to really bring the theme together. By picking neutral colours these will immediately add a sense of calm to the room, helping you to relax when you enter.

If this is an area that will be used by you and your partner, take their considerations into account and ask if you they would like to input on the colour scheme. Many dark colours can add to the cosy feel of the room so there is a wide range of options when it comes to picking the theme.

The Basics

Thinking about the basics of the room can get your project off to a great start. The flooring is an essential part of the room and styles such as white laminate can look great in a room like this. This is due to its simple yet chic feel that adds a touch of luxury.

You should also think about the layout of the room as this can make a real difference to how cosy it feels. If you are going to install a television and surround sound, also think about where these will be placed in comparison to the seating. You will want to get the correct balance when it comes to the audio and also be able to see the screen.


Comfortable furnishings are essential when creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Starting with the seating, there is a large variety of sofas which are designed to be a place to relax. Many colours are available and also patterned materials so that you can really put your stamp on the piece. You can keep the colour scheme running through the seating to tie it all together.

Large cushions are also great within a snug as they can add extra comfort to the area. You can sit back and enjoy being amerced in your plush sofa while you watch a film or read a good book. You may also want to add some art work to the walls to add your own personal touch to the room.


Lighting is of paramount importance when you are decorating your new snug. Fairy lights may be seen as feminine, but can create a soft and calming atmosphere perfect for those winter evenings. You may find that dimmer switches are ideal so that you can adjust the setting depending on how you are feeling.

This post was written by Amy Bennett who spends the majority of her evenings in her snug reading novels. She loves her white laminate floor from Factory Direct Flooring due to it’s stylish look that completes the feel of the room.

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 22 August, 2013

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