House of Joyce & Jeroen – The Hague, the Netherlands by Personal Architecture BNA

A renovation which provided 2 distinctive facades, House of Joyce & Jeroen by Personal Architecture BNA is an eclectic modern dream home. Situated on a tree-lined street in The Hague, the Netherlands, this single family townhouse features vertically- split levels, a rear glass facade and an airy openness.

From the front, this home meshes seamlessly with its neighbors with traditional brickwork and window trimmings. It’s only once inside that the magical transformation can be witnessed. As part of the renovation process, floors were removed with volumes interjected–sometimes pushed back–to create more space, such as in the triple-height kitchen. A full-volume well holds the spiral staircase which is encased in raw plywood walls and landings.

With over 2,400 square feet, this home is not by any means small. With the modern redesign it offers its habitants 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, workshop and library. Not to be missed, the huge walk-in wardrobe is distinguished by a polycarbonate wall which douses the area with natural light. A rooftop terrace replete with hot tub is yet another place to escape and enjoy the city’s surroundings.

Mezzanines with metal railings reside on each level, offering an open perspective into each of the main living spaces. The front zone of the house features an original staircase, which has been gloriously refurbished to portray an elegantly distressed finish. Wood-plank flooring in the more private bedrooms and guest quarters plays nice contrast to the smooth concrete on the ground floor. A grey-stained wood ceiling on the top level is rich, featuring skylight cutouts which spill daylight throughout all levels.

The kitchen is the highlight, a cheerful spot with colorful ar2rk, potted palms and bright red pendants adorning the large glossy black island with stark white countertop. A modern wood table is flanked by a mix of classic and contemporary chairs. Exposed bulbs on red wires illuminate this dining area while a set of sliding white-paneled doors with small glass panels creates a gateway to the traditional side of the home. Sliding glass doors open directly onto the elevated wooden deck and quaint lawn which sits underneath a canopy of mature trees and is adjacent to a charming pergola.

House of Joyce & Jeroen is a modern dream home injected with an inventive floor plan featuring a core of split levels and soaring volumes.


Posted by Suzanne at 26 November, 2013

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