House in Silleda – Spain by Terceroderecha Arquitectos

Working from an existing structure, the House in Silleda, Spain has been created by qThis single-family modern dream home consists of 2,314 square feet across 2 levels and very well interprets comfort, space, natural light and sustainable design.

Rooted with 2 separate volumes embracing a central courtyard, this dwelling maximizes space while offering its family plentiful places to gather and interact. The exterior wall facing this interior yard receives angular panels of large windows and timber cladding. The main floor gains direct access to this outdoor space, while the upper level possesses unobstructed views of it with windows that fully open. The covered 2-car garage sits across the small lawn which is scattered with square-shaped concrete stepping stones. This convenient, yet separate structure features a mix of concrete and wood elements and finished with a metal roof replete with solar panels.

Bright and cheery in white, with punctuations of color from pillows, books, home decor, toys and musical instruments, the main living area is open and connected with the dining-kitchen zone. What is so enjoyable are the built-in bookshelves, here and there, which take advantage of displaying literary works creating a cozy atmosphere. Warm, weathered grey wood flooring expands across both levels.

Furnishings are basic and comfortable, perfectly suiting a young family, in hues of grey and white. A traditional white square wooden table doubles as a storage chest, and when set against the more modern aesthetic portrays an inviting balance.

The minimalist kitchen in white features gleaming stainless steel countertops and appliances and is open to the dining room which is set against the windows overlooking the courtyard.

A contemporary staircase of concrete is wide, providing the simplicity of steps and a singular handrail while featuring an ample display space for various books–what clever design! Once the landing is reached, the open staircase leads to the upstairs landing which portrays a white metal mesh rail. Floor-to-ceiling doors lead to bedrooms and are masked in opaque glass allowing light to filter through while providing privacy.

Unified by a green courtyard, House in Silleda is a light-filled, double-volume modern dream home perfectly integrated into its urban neighborhood.

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Posted by Suzanne at 25 November, 2013

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