House in Ontinyent – Valencia, Spain by Borja García

Belonging to the owner of an international furniture and textiles company, House in Ontinyent in Valencia, Spain conveys a sense of minimalist simplicity paired with modern dream home design across multiple levels. Borja García wrapped this luxury dwelling with bare white spaces soaked in pale earthy greys, with occasional vivid hues making appearances.

Most striking is the floating concrete staircase which slices through all 5 stories becoming a sculpture all its own. Frameless glass railings on various mezzanines seem delicate, contrasting the solidity of the vertical stairs beautifully. Handrails are non-existent, with LED lighting panels inset along the wall following the linear angle of each staircase–just amazing! Exposed beam ceilings painted stark white add a daring dimension to all living zones.

The ground floor features a soaring ceiling arranged with 2 rectangular sofas facing each other on top of a grey pixelated area rug. An full-volume wall depicts various photography from years worth of advertisements from the owner’s company, all drawing from a blue base which creates a refreshing splash of color into the space.

Immediately outside is the concrete patio, inset with a geometric pool flush to its edges which induces an ethereal vibe across the alfresco courtyard. Aluminum lounge furnishings and umbrellas are white-on-white and feature the owner’s minimalistic, edgy designs.

A series of vertical opaque windows provides absolute privacy for this luxury home’s inhabitants, while adjacent windows remain transparent and are dressed with sheer draperies. Richly woven fabrics are abundant, with one landing featuring ottomans swaddled in brightly-hued knitted sweaters.

The kitchen is easy to miss, seeming more like a chic dining room with central white island set with 4 white square column stools in wood. A huge rectangular hood hovers over the stovetop, while a flat-paneled cabinet system elegantly fades into the background. A retractable door leads to a separate room with a dining table resembling the same shape of the kitchen island, adorned by a singular bench fitted with individual round seat cushions.

Bathrooms are just as austere with a raw beauty such as the deep soaking tub molded from the concrete wall. With lighting recessed across the top, this bath is shed with dramatic casting. Simple wood accents such as a tiered towel rack and vanity top add a dose of warmth.

House in Ontinyent is a minimalist dream home which dominates with sophistication in white and grey.

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Posted by Suzanne at 21 November, 2013

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