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Contemporary Seaweed House Inspired By Classic Techniques

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On an island where trees have been scarce, crafty locals created use of an abundant, however extremely uncommon building material: seaweed. Naturally insulating, seaweed calls for quite tiny work to harvest. While it was once the standard building technique of Læsø, it has become significantly less popular over time, with only about twenty seaweed-clad properties remaining on the island. Architects Realdania Byg have revived it with The Modern Seaweed House, demonstrating how seaweed cladding can be harmonious with modern structures.

Modern Seaweed House 2

Rather than creating a replica of the historic seaweed houses that when populated the island, Realdania Byg created a modern home that takes its cues from the older structures. The seaweed may when have been utilized merely due to the fact it was offered, but the architects clarify that it fills 21st century demands as nicely as any other material.

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Non-toxic and fireproof, with a life expectancy of far more than 150 years, seaweed is the ideal environmentally friendly material to use on the island, where it dries naturally in the sun and wind. The architects filled mesh bags with it and attached them to the roof and exterior walls of the property.

Modern Seaweed House 6

Wooden instances of seaweed fill the walls and the space beneath the floor, as nicely. The architects report that they’re remarkably acoustic, and also absorb and give of moisture to regulate the indoor climate naturally.  They hope the project
will inspire other builders to develop related homes.

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