Cheerful Burgundy Brilliance Enthralls at this Adaptable Sao Paulo Apartment

It is not very often that you find a modern apartment that is draped in color beyond the simple white, stoic gray and unassuming neutrals that barely make a visual impact. This is even truer when you flip through the many living room inspirations around. But the Terracota Apartment in Sao Paulo is a touch different from the rest. It embraces bright and beautiful burgundy in an apparent yet classy fashion. Designed by AR Arquitetos, this revamped Brazilian apartment features a bold, red metallic sheet that morphs into different forms in various sections of the interior.

Bright and beautiful terracota apartment in Sao Paulo

The revamped apartment makes quite a big visual splash with the new wooden flooring adding plenty of pattern to the modern setting. It is the small living with its bright fuchsia chair and custom bookshelf in metal and wood that first steals the spotlight. It is the same metallic sheet that goes on to become the striking home office desk, breakfast bar in the kitchen and additional shelving in other parts of the apartment. The red glint continues to hold sway with large wooden panels covering the walls and other carefully placed accents accentuating this lively hue.

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Metal and wood shelf in the living room brings a pop of bight red

Wood and metal home office is the showstopper inside the apartment

Bold burgundy metallic sheet becomes the work desk inside the home office

Burgundy metallic sheet morphs into various forms throughout the apartment

Expansive wooden paneling creates a private bedroom and a fabulous kitchen

A wooden panel that can easily slide open and shut separates the living room from the ergonomic, contemporary kitchen while the bedroom is neatly tucked away to provide ample privacy. The rearrangement of the interior along with the new metal and wood dynamic inside the apartment completely revitalizes it while providing new spatial avenues. [Photography: Maíra Acayaba]

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Modern bathroom in white inside the Sao Paulo apartment

Sliding wooden panels and smart lighting create a dynamic living environment

Wooden panels and unique floor give the apartment, cozy, bright appeal

Entry to the Terracota apartment

Revamped floor plan of the terracota apartment

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