Brokis Takes Bohemian Glassmaking in order to New Levels

Glass is a common feature throughout all strolls of living, from day-to-day utility wares in order to lighting, in order to objects that will inspire question and love. Simple or even extravagant, inexpensive or costly, utilitarian or even elegant, glasses will often possess personal meaning plus value. Through its practical application to ornamentation plus decoration, cup comes in lots of shapes, statues and dimensions. Glassblowing is really a millennia-old tradition and also a pursuit that demands great ability, strength plus dexterity. These days, the application of glassblowing to lights design is usually producing several exciting selections. One particular corporation at the vanguard of this create is Brokis.


Brokis, a sophisticated lighting brand name based in the Czech Republic, made an marked impression in the wonderful world of lighting style, with its beautiful handblown cup lamps. The particular brand’; s i9000 contemporary light fittings often mix glass along with materials like wood plus pressed metallic, producing daring, eye-catching compositions. Brokis opened in 06 by Jan Rabell, an entrepreneur plus engineer having a desire to enhance and improve classic Bohemian glassmaking as well as its generations associated with traditional workmanship. Having earlier acquired the particular ailing nineteenth century Janštejn Glassworks in Bohemia’s scenic Vysočina Region—the factory’; s demise was as a result of fall in need for traditional glassware pieces—Rabell set about repairing the glassworks to its previous glory.

Glassblowing at Janštejn Glassworks. Photo © Brokis via Stylepark.

Glassblowing at Janštejn Glassworks. Photo © Brokis via Stylepark.

Underneath the aegis of Brokis, Rabell introduced a modern world design eyesight to the historical Janštejn Glassworks, combining time-honoured craft along with new plus innovative systems. At the present time (more than 2 hundred years as it came into being), the Janštejn Glassworks is the largest manufacturer of specialty lighting cup in the Czech Republic, making original luminaires pertaining to Brokis. Good looking collections include: Balloons, Puro and Knots.


Style by Lucie Koldová plus Dan Yeffet, the Balloons are a selection of lights that contact to mind regal hot air balloons. Pushing glassblowing to the extreme, the particular Balloons display the unique expertise of Bohemian glassmakers.

Handblown Balloons through Brokis. Photo © Decoist.

Balloons incorporate a hand-pressed metal mirror. Photo via Lighting Deluxe.

Handblown Balloons from Brokis. Photo via Lighting Deluxe.


Created by Lucie Koldová, Puro takes a name from your Spanish phrase for ‘ cigar’;. The particular cigar-shaped phosphorescent tubes are coupled with simple bell lights, to create an interesting, sculptural type. Puro includes 2 variations: a single bell light dangling below the vertical pipe and 2 bell lighting hanging beneath a horizontally tube.

Puro. Photo © Decoist.

Puro with developer Lucie Koldová. Photo simply by Martin Mate courtesy of Brokis.

Puro (right) excellent white plus bright. Picture by Lukáš Pelech courtesy of Brokis.

Puro. Photo via Sohomod.


Designed by Chiaramonte Marin style studio, Knots juxtaposes handblown glass using a coarse organic fibre (making in the rope plus knot). The LED source of light is located in a pushed metal cover. The light is certainly both stylish and commercial in appearance, plus consists of 4 independent versions: Sfera, Disco, Uovo plus Cilindro.

Knots pendants (L to R): Disco, Sfera, Cilindro and Uovo. Photo courtesy of Chiaramonte Marin style studio.

Knot necklaces. Photo © Decoist.

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