Beautiful Little Lovely Shop along with Façade Influenced by Burning Chocolate

An idyllic retreat along with beautiful seashores and a soothing ambiance, Stavros is a Ancient greek village that will takes you from the beaten route. It is with this scenic environment that one discovers the beautiful Pop Glucose sweet style shop created by NORMLESS Structures Studio. Similar to pleasant town by the surf, the lovely shop appears to take you back over time with a touch of vintage charm. You are able to almost view the white picket fences, the particular ice cream vehicle and kids on their bikes around this unusual little eatery. The design from the space is exclusive with a wavy, blue façade that is motivated by the kind of melting chocolates.

Pop Sugars Sweet Style Shop within Stavros, A holiday in greece

In spite of its motivation being attracted from dark chocolate, you can also get a reflection from the coastal attraction that Stavros exudes right here. A kitchen counter with geo pattern results in an interior covered in light pink. Almost everything seems extremely chic using a pink doorway leading your kitchen tucked at the rear of. A lovely screen of hand crafted waffles, biscuits and cookies greets clients at the front from the shape whilst across the street is really a fabulous cart with a style matching those of Pop Sugars where children can find each candy plus popcorn. Everything feels completely picture-perfect!

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Appear inside the fashionable and well-known Greek Special Shop along with innovative style

Hand crafted waffles, biscuits and cookies and doughnuts on display with Pop Sugars

Burning Chocolate influenced facade from the shop within blue appears in contrast to the particular neutral indoor

Bright pink shades create a nice-looking and stylish interior

Geo design on the counter-top gives the nice shop the trendy, contemporary look

The design from the sweet store is humble, attractive but not as well loud. The usage of gentle pastels makes it aesthetically even more appealing while 25-square-meter space within has been utilized cleverly to produce a clutter-free plus cheerful atmosphere. Next time you might be holidaying within this part of Portugal, we certain suggest a person grab a fast, sweet chunk here! [Photography: George Sfakianakis]

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Cart with comparable design to that particular of the sugary shop markets candies plus pop hammer toe

Fantastic little cart acts as a nice-looking extension from the sweet store

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