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Bear Garage – Thailand by Onion

A garage is not always a typical place for a renovation, never mind modern, high-impact design. However, the Bear Garage in Thailand bucks that notion with an ultra-cool interior dream home space created by the out-of-the-box firm Onion.

Situated within a vacation home in the Cha-Am beach resort area, this 150 square-foot garage boasts a bright white laminate and glass exhibition case for the family’s pristine collection of 70-plus Japanese Be@rbrick figurines. The garage itself is more akin to a gallery space, which becomes a strjaiking home for these zany and colorful cartoon-like bears.

The L-shaped shelving is streamlined, angular and sloped, creating a strong visual. Discreet LED lighting and glowing spotlights play a key role in the dramatic presentation here, which is worthy of a modern art museum’s installation.

A stand-out in this unconventional space is the unique linear component of the longer side of the display case. With ascending (or descending, depending on which way your eye travels) shelving paired with black graphic delineations, a fantastic optical illusion appears. These quirky collectibles are individually perched on floating white shelves according to variously-themed series, each possessing their own whimsical, sometimes fabulously disturbing portrayals. Love this offbeat vibe!

The back wall cabinet houses 6 shelves, floor-to-ceiling, of Be@rbrick characters in an array of sizes, shapes and designs. It’s here and along the elongated ledge where the refrained color palette of white, grey and black is stunning when offset with these bear figures popping in rainbow, metallic and textured hues.

Interestingly, there is still plentiful space for the residents’ automobiles which somehow attribute to magnetism of the unusual, avant-garde figurines on exhibit. A picture window was installed in the home’s adjacent living room so the Be@rbrick dolls can be enjoyed by family and friends anytime.

Bear Garage takes storage space to a new dimension, with a decidedly imaginative contribution to extraordinary, modern dream home design. (via)

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Posted by Suzanne at 26 August, 2013

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