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Basic Style Function Solves The Eternal Cup Query

tilt cup

When you put away your freshly-washed glasses, do you location them with the opening up or down? You might put them with the edge down so any leftover water can uncover its way out, but what if the cup accumulates mildew? You may place them with the edge up, but you stand the opportunity of finding a small puddle inside next time you pull it out to use it.

mildew in drying cups

The Tilt Cup by designer Huang Shi-hao involves a peculiar feature that eliminates this dilemma. The cup’s edge has a dipped portion, allowing it to tilt slightly. Air circulates beneath and into the cup so the water can drip down without having producing mildew or mustiness.

tilt drying cup

The best portion of the style is that the modification doesn’t impede standard use of the object. The weight of the cup is distributed properly enough that it is still steady even when turned onto its curved finish. The extremely basic solution also happens to make the glasses appear a bit far more elegant.

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