BarentsKrans Law Offices – The Netherlands by HofmanDujardin Architects

Starting with a historic building can sometimes be tricky when it comes to modernization. Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects succeeded at this task when designing offices for the well-established law firm of BarentsKrans, The Netherlands. By renovating The Hague, a renowned 1950s-era Dutch building, this modern office space is fresh, elegant and progressive.

With 5 stories and just under 56,000 square feet, the project was no small feat. The existing double atrium was converted to one core unit which houses the 4 upper stories of offices and meeting rooms. This interactive, light-adorned area is striking, bathed in layers of rich, creamy neutrals which entirely encompass the minimalist interiors and portray a degree of tranquility. Surfaces are bathed in pale oak from flooring, walls and bespoke desks, including the sophisticated reception bank.

On the ground level, a sleek law library is exposed on one side of the central space, while a coffee bar and lounge is situated at the other. Connecting these 2 areas is the striking reception zone, with oblong oak desk nestled under a smooth wood ceiling.

It’s the sculptural staircase which becomes a bold focal point in this otherwise subdued space. With oak steps encased in a spiraling exhibit of cast-iron, this set of stairs ascends gracefully, traveling through all levels of the building and simply beckons to be admired. How could you not be smitten with it?

The soaring glazed atrium casts volumes of natural light into the upper levels where work and conference spaces line the perimeters, with an employee restaurant residing on the top floor. Sprawling marble floors nod to the classic facade of this exceptional building, and expand into plush carpeted areas which aid in the acoustics of some of the larger meeting rooms.

What needs to be mentioned are the series of contemporary furniture lines which are spotted throughout these offices. What could typically become boring meeting space has been transformed with streamlined, ergonomic chairs popping in vivid hues like citrus yellow and bold orange. Such refreshing design, not to mention a nice surprise to discover for a more conservative law firm.

A renovation of light, volume and refined aesthetics, BarentsKrans’ modern office design is relaxed, welcoming and decidedly professional.

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Posted by Suzanne at 1 November, 2013

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