Apartment in Lucca,Italy, Studiovo Design Lab

Apartment in Lucca, Italy by Studiovo Design Lab

Set in the enchanting Tuscan city of Lucca, Italy, the Apartment by Studiovo Design Lab is a modern dream home exhibiting a main focal point of a geometric wall, jutting with protrusions and a linear movement, while piquing curiosity.

With just under 2,200 square feet plus oversized terraces with views of the medieval city, the predominant color theme of this contemporary dwelling is rooted in black-and-white, save for the sculptural partition wall which is actually timber draped in a smooth mask of rich anthracite. This greyish-brown masterpiece defines the space between living room and kitchen, which is reached via an open doorway across the hallway.

Minimalist furnishings feel as if they were born in the space, especially the sleek white sofa which rests impeccably against one side of the custom-made partition. Bright lighting, coupled with the varied windows and angled ceilings make for a decidedly striking aesthetic without really trying. In fact, no matter where you look in this apartment–design accents, storage, cabinetry and fixtures–edges are straight and stream-lined allowing for the ultimate, modern beauty within these impressive interiors.

A low, freestanding white bookshelf is the only divider between living and dining room, where a glass and acrylic table with wire-mesh chairs fuses with the airy nature of this shared space. The kitchen is elegant and simple with more white attributing the bold, yet ultra-modern vibe, with angular cabinetry handles in black that mark unique lines.

Amazingly, a few colorful accents are the only ones throughout the space, yet manage to contribute to its overall allure. An inky red wall and cabinetry underneath the vanity in a bathroom, as well as an ar2rk installation in a trio of burnt red-orange-yellow, are the popping stars here, playing well against the brilliant white backdrop.

The Apartment in Lucca is a modern dream flat boasting a singular breathtaking feature, surrounding by spirited, stylish design.

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Posted by Suzanne at 9 September, 2013

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