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Additional-Visual: Stunning Desk Has Multi-Directional Drawers

Digging through your desk drawers for an important document or that secret Snickers you know you have hidden somewhere can come down to a cruel game of hide-and-look for, with you opening and closing drawers in swift succession for ages. The Cartesia Desk from Colours would like to make lifestyle a wee bit simpler by changing up the way these drawers open.

In a traditional desk design and style, all of the drawers pull forward. Most desks have a safety characteristic that tends to make it hard or extremely hard to have more than one drawer open at a time. The Cartesia Desk, even so, lets you open your drawers from 2 diverse angles.

The desk’s drawers can be opened both to the front or to the side, enabling you much more visibility to uncover that lost Submit-It note or what ever other urgent object is hiding way in the back. You might also open a lot more than a single drawer at a time, which is a enormous benefit when you are not very positive in which you stashed some thing and want to go on an all-our hunt for it.

In addition to the revolutionary dual-axis drawers, the Cartesia Desk functions a tiny drawer in the back for storing cords and cables. A clever slot along the back of the desk lets you pull those cords up onto the desktop for easy entry. As beautiful and unique as this desk is, you wouldn’t anticipate it to come with a reasonable price tag – and it does not. The lovely piece of workplace furniture goes for $6000, in your decision of walnut or tamo tree wood.

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