8 Stunning Modular Homes That Put the “Eco” in Interior Decor

What’;s better than a modern home? Why, a modular modern home, of course! Prefabricated dwellings not only cut construction time in half (or even down to a matter of days), they’;re also typically more eco-friendly because they produce less waste. They often ring in at a lower pricepoint as well. Despite their reputation for being somewhat box-like, today’;s modular houses are surprisingly customizable with bells and whistles ranging from multiple stories to cantilevered wings to patios and other green spaces. Read on for some prefabulous prefab inspiration!

Blu Homes Breezehouse

A Vacation in the Hamptons!

Let’;s start off with a handsome house by modular housing heavyweight Resolution 4: Architecture. Called the Swingline Home, this Hamptons vacation home is made of 7 stacked boxes manufactured by Simplex Industries and features 2 master suites, 5 bathrooms, and many luxurious amenities like a pool and roof deck, putting to rest the idea that prefab homes need to be ho-hum.

Swingline Modular Home Swingline Home Swingline Front of Home and Driveway Swingline Home Kitchen Swingline Home Living Room Swingline Home Interior Wooden prefab home Swingline Interior of Home Swingline Modular Home

Classy Cantilevered Beauty

Set in California’;s impossibly picturesque Sonoma, CA, this modular beauty by Method Homes boasts a bold cantilevered element and took about 4 months to complete. The house itself was designed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture of Seattle and Palm Springs, while the owners installed the landscaping themselves, as well as an envy-inducing swimming pool overlooking a pristine valley below.

Method Homes Sonoma County Home Cantilevered Module Prefab method homes - Chris Pardo prefab method homes Kitchen area design - prefab home Prefab home - cool mdern kitchen Prefab Method Homes - Living area Prefab Home - Chris Pardo - Living room Home Office - Prefab Method Homes Cool Bedroom View - Prefab Method Homes Front door design - Prefab Method Homes Cloverdale Prefab Method Homes by Chris Pardo

Touch of Minimalist Magic!

While it might look like an alien spaceship that landed in the middle of a field, WG3’;s Hypercubus is actually a miniature hotel room that allows guests to experience modular living on a small scale for a few days. Meant to be an oasis that draws the surrounding landscape indoors, the minimalist accommodations are surprisingly spacious on the inside, thanks to a cozy lofted bedroom.

Hypercubus mobil hotel for 2 Hypercubus - prefab hotel Hypercubus - prefab interior design Hypercubus - prefab hotel decor Hypercubus - bedroom decor Hypercubus - prefab hotel design

Invite Nature Indoors

The Breezehouse is popular prefab home maker Blu Homes’; most iconic home, and for good reason. Named because of its glass walls that can fold open at the owners’; whim, the breathtaking 2,978-square-foot abode instantly becomes one with its surroundings, making for some spectacular entertaining possibilities. Its eco-conscious features also allow it $ 15,000 in average energy savings over 10 years.

Blu Homes Breezehouse Living Room Breezehouse - prefab home Outdoor design - Breezehouse Outdoor terrace - Breezehouse Wooden decked terrace - Breezehouse Kitchen design for prefab home - Breezehouse Bedroom prefab house - Breezehouse Kids bedroom in prefab house - Breezehouse Living room decor - Breezehouse prefab home Beautiful living room decor - Breezehouse Living room decor - Breezehouse

Smart Shipping Container Home

A list of the best modular homes is simply incomplete without a cool prefab crafted from used shipping containers. Casa Incubo in Costa Rica is arguably one of the best in this regard as it brings together eco-friendly design, frugality of resources and spacious interiors in a grand style. Doubling as both a home studio and a lavish residence, architect Maria Jose Trejos ensured that it offers all the comforts of a lovely modern home even while cutting back on construction cost and energy needs.

Gorgeous Casa Incubo in Costa Rica 40 feet cube container makes up the central space of the shipping container home Large area doubles a botha  living zone and a photo studio Natural ventilation coupled with brilliant lighting shapes the interior View of the home office on the lower level of the house Contemporary staircase of the shipping container home Exquisite contemporary kitchen of the sustainable container hom Wood from Cedar trees used to shape the unique dining table Wooden breakfast bar of the island crafted from Cedar Shipping container home brings together creative design and sustainability Lovely walkways around the home allow for a cool indoor-outdoor interplay

Contemporary White Rock II

Inspired by the California coast, Method Homes’; White Rock II exemplifies chic green living in the South Surrey region of British Columbia. The LEED Platinum prefab comprises 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, and a soothing facade characterized by a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

White Rock II Modular Home Beachaus II - prefab design Beachaus II - terrace view Beachaus II - living room Beachaus II - kitchen details Beachaus II - living area design Beachaus II - U shaped kitchen Beachaus II - prefab house Beachaus II - prefab home

Stylish and Spacious

Ray Kappe fans will have an extra appreciation for the series of LivingHomes designed by the legendary architect. Available in a variety of LEED Silver-level models, the airy abodes start at 1,690-square-feet and feature generous outdoor living spaces.

Santa Monica prefab house Santa Monica prefab house Ray Kappe custom prefabricated home in Santa Monica Ray Kappe Prefab home Custom prefabricated home Custom prefab home - dining room - Prefab Home by Ray Kappe - Living room Ray Kappe - Prefab modular home

Ultra-Potability with Modular Ease

The ÁBATON ÁPH80’;s grey fiber cement board facade gives it a unique look that distinguishes it from other modular homes, while Spanish Fir timber panels give the 27-square-meter interior a warm but modern feel. Centered around a peaceful, minimalist lifestyle, the residence also has an interesting ability — the exterior can be folded up onto itself to secure the home for transport or when the owners are away for extended periods of time.

Prefab home made out of cement Prefab cement house Cement prefab house Prefab home made out of cement Beautiful concrete prefabricated home Cool cement prefab home Concrete prefab home Concrete prefabricated house - interior design Prefabricated concrete house - design

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