7 Door Painting Blunders to Steer clear of

Are you preparing to paint your front door? There are numerous items consider with a project like this, this kind of as deciding on the proper paint and making sure that it goes on smoothly. I painted my front door this past weekend, and I discovered a whole lot along the way. In reality, I practically prevented a door disaster (or a door-saster)! On that note, nowadays I’m sharing a handful of ideas in the form of mistakes to avoid. Following all, when it comes to door painting, getting thorough is important, nevertheless there could be room for shortcuts. Read on for all the particulars…

Bright green front door Turquoise door from A Beautiful Mess Painter's tape helps prevent sticking Yellow front door Sanding the paint off the front door Front door handle Charming front door Painting tool options for the front door Chemical-resistant gloves Safety goggles from DeWalt

Not Commencing with a Smooth Surface

If you paint a bumpy door, you’ll finish up with a freshly painted bumpy door. Yes, if paint is chipping off, it’s ideal to use sandpaper, a heat gun or a paint stripper to get rid of the outdated paint ahead of adding the new. Speak to an skilled at your neighborhood house improvement retailer for advice on your distinct undertaking. In addition, I found this write-up to be beneficial. Preserve in thoughts that you will very likely be deciding on a semi-gloss paint that will add a wonderful sheen to your door. This sheen also emphasizes bumpy paint. Therefore the need for a smooth surface just before you commence! [photo from A Stunning Mess]

Yellow front door

Not Taking Shortcuts

Yes, it’s Okay to consider shortcuts sometimes – withing reason! In fact, for your undertaking, certain measures may possibly not be essential. For example, it is usually advised that you eliminate the hardware from your front door prior to painting it. But in my case, I knew I would be changing this door with a brand new a single within a few years. So there would never ever be a time when I would substitute the hardware on the door without having changing the door itself. It for that reason wasn’t necessary for me to take away the hardware ahead of painting. In fact, the hardware is old, and I was concerned that it would be challenging for me to place it back in place with out complications. Covering the hardware with painter’s tape before painting the door was all it took! [photograph by Colin Cadle Photography]

Charming front door

But hold in thoughts that when you consider shortcuts, you could have to make up for it in other locations. A situation in level: by not removing the hardware from the door, I had to spend far more time painting all around it and producing the paint job search smooth. [photo from Front Doors Creative Suggestions]

Front door handle

Not Wearing Goggles and a Mask

Regardless of whether you’re stripping the paint off your front door or sanding the door for smoothness, the last issue you want to worry about is chemicals and sawdust flying in your face. Even significantly less toxic paint strippers can cause damage if they make get in touch with with your skin. Not to mention, who wants to inhale modest flecks of paint and dust?! Verify with your local residence improvement shop on the ideal dust mask and security goggles to buy for your specific project. Not to mention, you’ll want to pick up a pair of earplugs if you prepare on making use of an electric sander! [picture from Tiny Boats Regular monthly]

Safety goggles from DeWalt

Not Sporting Gloves

Again, regardless of whether you’re sanding the door, getting rid of the paint with a chemical stripper, or simply cleaning your painting supplies soon after the task is accomplished, sporting gloves is a have to. But not just any gloves! For the paint stripping, make sure your gloves are chemical resistant. I experimented with to do this job whilst sporting only standard vinyl gloves, and it wasn’t exciting when the chemical compounds ate by way of them. Ouch! Even if your door painting endeavor doesn’t involve stripping the paint, covering your hands whilst you sand isn’t a negative thought. [photo from Cleancare Effective Cleaning Solutions] 

Chemical-resistant gloves

Not Including More Than 1 Coat of Paint

If you’re like me, you’re usually in a hurry when it comes to home improvement projects. But don’t skimp on coating your door with paint. You will likely need to have at least 2 coats of paint to get the work accomplished. I went with 3! [photo from A Gorgeous Mess]

Turquoise door from A Beautiful Mess

Don’t neglect to prime the door prior to you apply the new paint! Or if you’re like me, you will purchase a paint with a constructed-in primer to eliminate the priming phase. See, shortcuts are possible! [photograph from Moderna Homes]

Bright green front door

Not Trusting Your Instincts

Each door is distinct. And so is each undertaking. As my door painting endeavor unfolded and it became clear that the paint would not come off simply with a chemical stripper, I was advised to sand down the remaining paint to develop a smooth surface. But even following making use of a electrical power sander, the door was a bit bumpy. If we weren’t organizing on changing the door in a couple of many years, I would have utilised a stronger chemical stripper or continued with the sander for a good deal longer. But given that I had limited time, I made a decision to go ahead and pull the plug on the sanding phase soon after a long afternoon of work. [photograph from Quite Useful Woman]

Sanding the paint off the front door

When it came to painting the door to make it appear as excellent as possible, I sought guidance from an specialist and was informed not to use a roller brush, even however I had a hunch it would aid include texture to the door and de-emphasize the bumps. I listened to my instincts, and I was proper. The roller was better than the brush in this situation. Trust your instincts, folks. Only you know the specifics of your undertaking. Sometimes you in fact do know best, and if you’re wrong, chances are you can fix the difficulty. [photo from Rachel Bishop Designs]

Painting tool options for the front door

Not Placing Painter’s Tape Along the Weather Stripping

If you require to shut your door for the evening right after painting it, make positive you put painter’s tape along the weatherstripping to avoid the door from sticking. I learned this the tough way. Yes, some paint will peel off if you shut the door too soon. And apparently even after 4 hours of drying, it is as well quickly! If you must re-hang your door before bed (or if you in no way took it off the hinges in the very first area), go with the painter’s tape. It’s greater to be risk-free than sorry! [photo from The Paint Spot]

Painter's tape helps prevent sticking

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