Zen Architects Developed a House within Melbourne, Sydney

This home, built on the slightly sloped terrain within suburban Melbourne, Australia, was created by Zen Architects within 2015 and it has a total of approximately 340 sq . meters associated with space.

It had been designed to incorporate the beauty of the outside surroundings using the interior areas and thus includes a number of cup walls. These types of not only permit the uninterrupted circulation of sun light to the internal, but also supply beautiful sights to the huge landscape. The particular green shade of the rich gardens sweeps through these types of walls plus fills the particular rooms of the home with a colour and a distinctive sense associated with happiness.

The particular gardens also provide a beautiful swimming pool for the many demanding times in the Aussie heat. Right here, the residents can take the moment’s sleep and rest.

Its wood walls, contained in both the house’s exterior covering as well as the internal facilitates, integrate the particular structure towards the space by which its situated, fluidly which makes it form part of its environment.

Trail House 01 Zen Architects Designed a House in Melbourne, Australia
Beautiful eco-friendly gardens
Trail House 02 Zen Architects Designed a House in Melbourne, Australia
Exterior wall space of wooden and cup
Entry full of lighting with potted plants

The interior, along with wide open areas, connects these types of internal areas with ease. Gorgeous walls plus floors associated with wood, together with the comfy furniture, request the residents to enjoy the many areas and wonderful views, whether it is in the hot embrace associated with family and friends or perhaps reading an e book in silent solitude.

L-shaped sofa in the family room


Modern kitchen area
Little reading region with a watch
Bed room with cup walls

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