Wonderful Home Created by Kamran Heirati Architects within Iran

This wonderful home, addressing a total section of 1, hundred square metres, is located in the town of Karaj, capital from the Alborz State, Iran. It had been designed by the particular architectural facility Kamran Heirati Architects.

Home is split into 2 parts: a good entertainment region with a hot tub and a backyard pool in order to cater to the particular homeowners’ friendly lifestyle, along with a more personal residence.

The particular structure is definitely divided directly into 2 obstructs, connected via a walkway included in glass wall space, forming area of the structure, plus located specifically above the particular pool.

The exterior is certainly surrounded simply by vast plus lush landscapes, which give shade plus privacy towards the pool region.

Elevated walkway bridges 02 1 850x478 Magnificent Home Designed by Kamran Heirati Architects in Iran
Pool that will seems to appear from the wall space of the home
Elevated walkway bridges 03 1 850x1245 Magnificent Home Designed by Kamran Heirati Architects in Iran

Within the interior, cement is once more present, providing the home character. Its higher ceiling provides it some elegance despite the rare decoration. This kind of décor, nevertheless , allows for a simple play associated with shadows within the space, because the light seeps in and it is blocked by architectural components that make up the house, creating a room that is each practical plus artistically powerful.

Interior along with long cement stairs

The wood dining room is situated beneath the gentle of dangling lamps that will drop in the ceiling.

Your kitchen, done in whitened with marbled countertops, conceals in a part of the home, yet is associated with glass wall space that ensure it is filled with lighting and the rich greenness from the gardens outdoors.

Dining room plus kitchen talk about a space
Dining room previously mentioned
User profile view from the stairs


Night time view from the pool region

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