White-colored Apartment within Barcelona Renovated by Architecture-G

This particular residence is located in Este Ensanche sobre Barcelona Area, Barcelona, The country, and has already been remodeled with the architecture company Architecture-G. This consists of 120 square metres and its redesigning was completed in 2015.

The floor had been almost totally covered using a thick carpeting, the only exclusions being your kitchen, bathrooms plus laundry region. A proof material had been used in the ground for these locations, each one distinguishable by a various color.

Within a space completely outclassed by the colour white, the floors be noticeable and become the prominent aspect in the decorating scheme.

In the family room, cushions had been placed more than a pre-built bottom in such a way which the result is similar to a sofa. The particular atmosphere includes a simplistic design, linear minus many ornamental objects additional.

The curled ceiling, made from brick, has been painted white-colored and appears to fuse with all the walls.

Renovated Flat in Barcelona 01 850x478 White Apartment in Barcelona Remodeled by Architecture G
Family room with heavy carpet plus brown couches
Renovated Flat in Barcelona 02 850x1275 White Apartment in Barcelona Remodeled by Architecture G
Details of the roof


The kitchen, an appropriate and contemporary space, will be comprised of wooden and stainless-steel.

View from the kitchen through the living room
Kitchen composed of wood plus stainless steel
Stainless-steel kitchen information
Laundry region
Entrance towards the bedroom having a closet

We’ll get the same style used in the particular living room within the bedroom. Right here, we find the particular mattress put on a base built in the flooring and protected in carpeting.

Bedroom along with bed
Bedroom along with bed

The restroom is composed of white wall space, with a glass-base sink plus mirrors that provide the space the sensation associated with depth.

Bathing room with bath tub
Bathing room with kitchen sink (glass base)
Restroom with kitchen sink (glass base)
Bathing room with dual sink

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