UPON Architecture Renovate a Constructing in Ulsan, South Korea

This little building, positioned in Ulsan, Southern Korea, had been refurbished within 2015 simply by ON Structures Inc. in order to convert this into many individual flats. The framework is unusual, and at the center really are a set of stairways that virtually divide this in 2, while, simultaneously, creating a structure by which both air flow and lighting flow.

Within the first degree, we find 2 large areas, each one using its own restroom.

Going up, the particular long exterior stairs sit down under a wonderful wooden roofing, leading all of us to 2 fully 3rd party apartments, each one of these having sufficient space for any small household.

Double house 01 850x567 ON Architecture Refurbish a Building in Ulsan, South Korea
Front see of the white-colored building
Double house 02 850x567 ON Architecture Refurbish a Building in Ulsan, South Korea
Front watch of the white-colored building


Close-up of the constructing. The property located in the earth floor
External patio located in the top level
View associated with stairs dealing with construction

At the higher level we discover a broader space. A flat of higher dimensions that may accommodate a larger family. This has a number of bedrooms along with bathrooms from its fingertips, as well as a big area exactly where living-dining-kitchen reveal the same room. It also offers 2 terraces with wood floors, among which can be utilized either through the living room or even from the kitchen, and is also distributed by the master suite, from which we are able to access it straight. The other patio is located on the main entry, and from this we can see the particular adjacent areas. It also offers us using a setting where you can spend time with friends and family.

View from the area from your terrace
Night watch of the developing
Night time view from the building

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