Unique Beauty Salon in the City of Nagano in Japan

This unique beauty salon, an old store that had stood at this site for more than 50 years, is located on a main street full of shops in the city of Nagano, located at the intersection of the Chikuma and Sai rivers, in the island of Honshu, in Japan.

Side entrance to the beauty salon

View of the beauty salon washing and styling area

Shop with wooden furniture

In addition to serving the function of a beauty salon, the client required a wide range of other features, such as a space for the sale of various products, an exhibition hall, a study room, and a space to host events for the community. Therefore, one of the main objectives was to ensure the flexibility to respond to these diverse functions by eliminating the partition walls that had divided the structure into smaller spaces.


Interior area of the beauty salon

The architectural firm Poten-Poten was commissioned to carry out the remodeling of this space of 68 square meters, under the leadership of its architects Junki Kato and Kiyonori Sugiyama. The project was completed in 2017.

Eating area with dining room


Hairstyling area connected to the washing area

Main entrance

The architectural firm’s intention was not simply to decide what parts of the existing building would be maintained and which would be replaced; their objective was something intermediate, to mix the contrast between the old and the new to create something unique and timeless.

View of the beauty salon from the main entrance


Night view of the entrance

Exterior view of the lounge

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