Tomislav Soldo Builder Designs a contemporary Cabin within Ogulin, Croatia

Built quietly of the hill, where it appears to slip gracefully, current spectacular sights that this type of location contains, this beautiful log cabin of cement walls protected in black-painted wood attracts us in order to submerge ourself in it as well as surroundings, disconnecting from the globe. It sounds just like a great option for those times when we require a break to consider a strong breath and begin over.

This particular 100 m2 cottage is situated in Ogulin, Croatia, and was created in 2016 by Tomislav Soldo Builder.

Around this, the stunning gardens filled with lavender plants and a 100 % pure green yard create a background worth appreciating. In a interpersonal area, it offers a bbq stand for those times of pleasure with friends and family.

Black Lodge 01 850x524 Tomislav Soldo Architect Designs a Modern Cabin in Ogulin, Croatia
Cottage over the slope from the hill
Black Lodge 02 850x567 Tomislav Soldo Architect Designs a Modern Cabin in Ogulin, Croatia
Cottage along with black-painted wood walls
Interpersonal area along with black wooden walls


Lavender flowers within the cottage backyard

Currently inside, we discover beautiful gentle wood flooring that enhance the whitened walls plus high ceilings.

A simple family room consisting of a group of chairs as well as a window chair as a couch greets inbound visitors. It really is accompanied by a fire place that, within the cold times, will keep the habitants warm and comfortable.

Living room along with black chair, window chair, and fire place
Family room with home window panes that will filter the particular natural light

On the other hand of the family room, we find the kitchen required for a modern plus simple design. Taking advantage of the particular height from the ceiling, the mezzanine ground was constructed over this particular to act as main bed room.

White cooking area with the major bedroom perched above within the mezzanine
Kitchen along with simple outlines, done in white-colored and gentle wood

At night, the sunshine from the interior lamps appears to flow with the windows and obtain lost at nighttime and solo surroundings that will border this.

Night see of the lighted cottage

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