TIUM Architects Style a Nation Cabin within South Korea

This 83-m2 cottage situated in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, was constructed by TIUM Architects within 2016. The outside is built away from brick plus wood, along with rustic wall space painted within white plus surrounded simply by stone landscapes.

House Soboru 01 850x602 TIUM Architects Design a Country Cabin in South Korea
Exterior of the home
House Soboru 02 850x1141 TIUM Architects Design a Country Cabin in South Korea
Outside with wood corridor plus stone backyard
Wooden hallway


Garden with natural brick wall space

The main entry is located in late a hallway with wall space of organic brick along with a ceiling along with tree-trunk supports.

Entrance hallway

This is a country constructing that includes a single space. First, a little dining room exactly where we find a mix of woods within the floors, the particular walls, the particular ceiling, as well as the furniture arranged around the room. A smaller region serves as a full time income room, concealed in a part, with a home window that allows the particular entrance associated with light and a few seats included in cushions.

Wood dining room
Dining room along with small lay in the history and cup window

To the side, the wooden desk with various chairs act as the dining area, illuminated with a line of highlights that mix it laterally.

Embedded in the recess for the brick wall structure with a counter top of good old wood, we will find a little sink.

A hallway, lined along with wood, requires us towards the private section of ​​the log cabin. The cabin’s only bed room, it keeps a simple mattress resting on the floor, in addition to a small desk with a light.


The bedroom, totally lined within multi-toned wooden, is entered at the roof by a dense wooden ray.

Bedroom along with floors, wall space, and roof in wooden
Detail associated with wooden light beam on the roof
Wooden rack in the bed room

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